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Book of Randomness!!!
Braggings, horror events, and more in my random thoughts put to paper!!! (paper? wtf) X3
Not for the Easily Disgusted
Ok so there's me and Chris ... well him and I are dating, but rarely touch. I have a touching issue and I guess he can sense it because he'll get close, but wont touch. I hugged him the second day I knew him, which was like a month ago, and today when he was taking me back to school during lunch, we passed this guy I knew and laughed and said, "He's been bugging me a lot and keeps asking for hugs." And Chris goes, without looking at me, "Well he aint getting any. You don't even hug me." I kinda felt like that was a blow, but he got really upset at lunch about other stuff so I let it go, though it kept bothering me later, so I asked him to stay at my house after he dropped me off after school. He did, thankfully, but said only for a few minutes. (Wiggles phone in the air that says 5:13, I got out at 2)

We talked on my porch, because mom was sleeping inside and I know he gets loud like me when he gets animated in his conversation, and he talked about all kinds of things, mostly depressing topics, but then he stood up and I never figured out why. He wandered to his car, and worried he was leaving, I casually leaned against his door while talking to him. >:3

We talked about random things, better happy topics thankfully, and he leaned against his car by me, and he was teasing me a lot and junk lol, and I got really embarrassed, and he goes "Awww need a hug?" And I took it immediately because I didn't know how I was going to be able to hug him otherwise. I ended up clutching him, and just breathing him in ... Felt the different muscles in his arms ... felt the shape of his body with mine ... and I know that sounds so bad but it wasn't. Did that like three more times and then he got down in my face, arms around my back and nuzzled me, but instead of having some cutesy face, or smiling or anything, he looked me dead in the eyes, totally serious, (totally sexy @_@" ) and then he pulled back a bit, still looking at me, and then did it again and then kissed me real sweet. I think the nuzzling was a test to see if I'd freak out.

It was just so great though ... (however, his kisses are too wet for my tastes) and he huggled me and all, more huggling, more huggling, nuzzled my neck some, and then he stopped dead and stiffened. Before I even registered it though, he says really really quiet, his voice cracking, "Um ... i kind of have a boner ... i'm so sorry..." I didn't even feel it =.= but I started laughing from embarrassment, and he laughed a little, (We're still hugging) and I told him it's okay, it was totally normal and it didn't bother me, so no big. I must've said something right because he seemed so happy afterwards, but not in that "YUS Maybe I can screw her one day" kind of way. Just like ... I had accepted him kind of way. So yeah...he ended up huggling me more (still horny), kissed me a few more times, kissed my forehead whenever I was too shy to look up ... kissed my cheek twice at one point while half hugging me, and then moved to my neck and dear god I've never felt shivers like those before e___e . It was just really sweet and I loved it. It wasn't "MMM BABEH SEX DRIVE." Of course he then tried to leave after a bit, because he wanted to visit his dad, and I leaned against the door again xD He tried to open it and I'd slam it back. Was funny, but then he got all serious and was all, "I need to go." sad I pouted at him, and then realized he wouldn't look at me so I knew he wasn't really serious and called him on it and he laughed rofl. One thing I've learned is that if he's looking at me and I smile, he HAS to smile back, he can't help it. I did let him leave though, because I know how much he cares about his Dad, but he hugged me and kissed me one more time and then left. :3 Though I can't help but wonder if it went away before he got there xD ...

Funny thing is that right when I was thinking it, he said it outloud.

"First day of Summer huh? Great start."

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