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The color Red
I think this is where you left off.... Enjoy. :3

“Crystal are you listening to me?” I looked around at Alice with glazed eyes while her face was red with frustration, “You didn’t hear a word I said, did you?” She pouted. I stared at her blankly for a few more seconds before letting out a light giggle and shaking my head.
“No, I didn’t.” I laughed and patted Alice’s head. She glared at me for a few seconds before smiling slightly and shaking her head and giving a sigh. Her patience with me was amazing, which is probably why I saw her as my ‘sister’, but I know my short attention span could become bothersome at times, “So, what did you say?”
“I said we have to go to the town hall because people are being chosen for the Royal Alliance.” Her eyes sparkled and I could tell she was hoping to be picked this time. They only choose five new people to join the Royal Alliance every 5-10 years and this time had been ten. I know how badly she wanted to be with her husband again but I truly didn’t want Alice to leave my side. She was always someone I could depend on when I’m not being rational so I didn’t know how I’d be able to function without her around. However I nodded solemnly and promised to myself if she went away this time I’d have to be happy for her.

I hated going outside because it was always dark and smelt like dirt. Our community was hidden from humanity and the only way to make that possible in our elders eyes was to build it underground, too deep for any human to travel. However, despite that we lived underground, the Royal Alliance brought enough water and other supplies for plumbing and other necessities that a human body needed.
As we began to walk out of our house I cringed at the darkness and held my breath to close out the stench of dirt. At least in my house I wasn’t overwhelmed by the thickness of the diseased air. The houses were made of brick but there were no windows, thank goodness, but even that couldn’t keep all the grungy smells away from my close-to-perfect home. It was so disgusting outside, which probably only bugged me and not anyone else in this forsaken community. There were people sitting on the dirty ground in front of their homes, clothes covered with mud, and some small children building castles in the ally ways between the houses. My heart throbbed as I saw the children and stopped in my tracks and stared at them. The little girl, no more then seven, looked over at me at first with question but a smile grin spread across her face and she waved with such enthusiasm it could make a heart of ice melt in an instant. This made the pain in my chest worse.
Our species is made involuntary and our hosts are merely made at random as well. This life seem so unfit for a child even if a human soul no longer is nestled within that body. I could feel my eyes burn as the thought passed my mind. I could just picture the human child playing at a beach somewhere on the surface of this world and suddenly it sees some dark substance wash up on shore. The child’s curiosity takes hold and soon it’s playing with the goop in its hands and suddenly it’s attached to the child’s hand, causing some pain as it begins to infuse with the its flesh…
“Crystal we have to go or we’ll be late!” Alice grabbed my arm and tugged me down the road and out of my morbid thoughts. However, the residue of past thoughts still lingered in my now absent mind, just waiting for the right trigger to set them off.
In the middle of the town is an old fashioned stone platform and directly above it, miles and miles above it, was the top, or our ’sky’, of this muddy dome and the only door to get in and out of this place. Few people ever leave this place, and if you’re less then a level five you don’t ever get out. I sighed irritably knowing that I’ll rot in this hell hole and Alice will be leaving me today, most likely. People can never enhance their abilities like she does. For instance when she was a level 3 she was so determined to get stronger that she took a training class with other people of her level. She was the only one who could every evolve into a higher level. Telekinesis has always been a tricky ability to deal with because there were so many levels to it. Some people could barely bend spoons or pick up an aluminum can without breaking out into a violent sweat. Then there are the people who can teleport, but sometimes have kinks. A few have died from in inability to teleport all their body parts. So when I found out Alice’s ability was telekinesis I was a bit apprehensive. Last thing I wanted was to bury half of my ‘sister’. However she could teleport, body parts all in tact, but it took a lot out of her sometimes.
My stomach ached, the sickness from this morning was returning and a covered my mouth as we joined the crowd of awaiting spectators. I could feel everyone’s anticipation as we all stared up at the opening, I could practically hear the their thoughts begging for the Royals to show up. I, on the other hand, hated The thought of the Royal Alliance and, most of all, Lord Lation. The sudden thought of him made the nap of my neck sweat. As the doors began to open several people began to descend and my eyes automatically locked on Lation, easily noticing him from the others. He was thin, but tall, and he always had a sinister smirk spread across his face, which led me to believe he’s always scheming. I looked away and tried to focus on the others, my blood already boiling with rage at the sight of him.
The alliance all wore leather trench coats, but the colors all varied and each had different accessories. It was amazing that you could be an individual amongst and organization where they would let you keep your real name after joining. I had forgotten that Alice was grasping my arm which startled me when her grip got tighter and tighter as the approached the middle of the crowd to the platform. I spotted her husband Kaito, or ‘Mamoru’ as the Royal Alliance called him, and I felt a sudden pain deep in my chest. I knew she was leaving me today and seeing him made it all more certain. He looked indifferent, as always, with one hand placed in his pocket and the other running his jet black hair thru his fingers, seeming bored and out of place. I broke my gaze from the seven to stare at the ground. I could feel my empty stomach about to heave again. I clenched it but held my tongue so I didn’t worry Alice on her special day. As the Royal Alliance landed everyone began to chant Lord Lations’ name, which made me feel even worse, and then he silenced them.
“Hello my subjects.” He said in his deep familiar voice. I cringed, all my hairs standing on end, because his voice was the one who I first heard when I woke up. He’s the one who showed me death before I knew life. I squeezed my stomach harder, trying to think of anything that could cheer me up. However, unlike Alice, I didn’t have a husband to rely on or someone or something to ease my pain. I bared my teeth and hoped that my pain would just get bored being inside this human body and leave.
The crowd was roaring with applause and whistles, making it a tad bit harder to concentrate, but soon it all died down and everyone anxiously waited for Lord Lation’s words. His dark sinister eyes bore into the crowd as his pale lips parted. I could almost feel everyone holding their breath, “Today the oracle will decide who the new members of the Royal Alliance is!” He shouted and the crowd went wild again. The oracle stood behind him, blank faced and distant eyes. He must be scanning the crowd for our auras. My eyes were on the mans face, trying to tune out Lation’s pep talk.
He was a very fit middle aged man, maybe thirty five, and he had a very stern jaw and high cheeks that slightly jutted out. His hair was extremely short and he wore a black trench coat, the highest color rank their was. His powers were impressive, I had to admit, but he was centuries old, truthfully. When our species inhabits a human body we stun the bodies growth because we have devoured the soul inside. Sad, but we must do whatever we need to too survive in this world. Then again I don’t even know what this world is. I’ve never even seen a real human with a natural soul inside it. My eyes wandered as my thoughts did as well until they both stopped when I saw Kaito’s coat and a woman standing beside him. His coat was a shining emerald green and the small light we had reflected off of the leather and gave it a glossy sheen and the woman’s coat was an exquisite purple. Colors had always fascinated me to the most alluring extent because I don’t get to see them that often. Everything underground is so dark and boring. That’s why eyes had always sparked my interest in the past. I felt the colors pulling me towards their perfection but Alice interrupted my thoughts as she began to jump with excitement. My attention snapped back to the oracle who was whispering something into Lations ear. My heart dropped with such force as I saw his eyes flicker towards us. This was it. The last moments a had with her. I wrapped an arm around her and hugged her, but kept my head down to hide my burning tear ducts. She must have mistaken it for my feeling ill. Good.
“The first name has been revealed!” Lation called and the crowed cheered again, “The name is Alice!” My heart began to thud so loud and everything got tuned out. I looked around and it was a muffled mixture of bodies cheering for her. My mind was going a million miles a minute as I wished we had last names. Then there could be another Alice. However there wasn’t and her smiling face proved it all. She hugged me and everything was moving in slow motion as she pattered thru the now parted crowd and onto the platform. I could only hear my heart thudding loud against my chest and my body began to sway slightly. What had I done to deserve to be all alone?
Alice was smiling as the oracle placed a sapphire blue coat on her and she bowed her respects to Lation as he called out the other names. Blue. Funny. She got her favorite color. How nice. I began to laugh manically to myself, staring down at the floor with a ridiculous grin spread across my face while rivers of tears fell onto the dirt ground. Stupid dirt.
I could vaguely hear the names called and the muffled cheers of the crowd as another lucky person hopped onto the stage. I looked up and saw Alice clinging onto Kaito and I could see she was near tears to finally with him again and he had a adoring smile across his face. She could only make him smile like that. Only she could make anyone that happy. The he leaned down and lightly pressed his lips to hers, their bangs brushing against each other as they embraced one another closely. I was so happy to see that she was in such bliss, however I looked away painfully with the dumb crooked smile sprawled across my shaky lips. As I began to walk away the last name was called but, like the others, I tuned it out, just wanting to get home and stay home. However the crowd grew silent and they all looked around questionably. I turned around and everyones eyes shot back at me. Then I heard the name called in all it’s clarity.
“Crystal? You are to join the Royal Alliance.” His hateful voice rang thru my mind. My body felt so overwhelmed with emotions and the world was spinning. A sudden pain shot thru my back as everything around me went black.
“This is an arm.” The dark haired woman took my left limb and showed me the points of how it worked. She was gentle but pain shot thru every point of my body in an instant. I quickly tried to communicate the pain towards her, still shaky with my usage of words.
“H….Hel… Help.” I stuttered, hands beginning to shake with such intensity it was hard to move. The woman dabbed a wet wash cloth into some water and lightly tapped it onto my neck, making me flinch and try desperately to refrain from screaming. The woman softly hushed me by singing a sweet lullaby and instantly I calmed down. I had never heard such an amazing thing in this life and tears pooled in my eyes from its beauty. The woman’s caramel eyes bore into mine, but with such a kindness it made my heart melt and the pain disappear.
“Why are you crying, Crystal?” Her elegant voice wrapped around me and I already feel comforted as she wiped my salty tears off my cheeks.
“I….I….. Th….. Thank…. Yo-” She cut me off quickly.
“Dear, you don’t need to thank me. It what I’m here for. I’ll make sure you’re taken care of.” Her smile was sweet and her lips sparkled and I stared in awe for a moment. Quickly I shook my head and looked back into her alluring eyes and tried to speak again.
“M…Mia….” I whispered her name and her eyes softened at the sound of my voice. She pet my head, making me feel like a small child, but I smiled happily as she did. The screen door slid open and her hand pulled back and terror struck her expression as she looked up.
“Mia what are you doing out here!?” The angry deep voiced person boomed. I glanced up and only saw a deep wound on the left side of his face before he kicked me down, making my head bounce harshly off of the concrete. I laid there in numbing pain as I heard Mia cry out and a sudden crash. A began to black out but the last thing I heard was me humming the harmonist melody sand by my great friend Mia.
I shot up, taking in five deep gasps, and instantly realized I wasn’t in my home. My hands began to shake uncontrollably and I tried to wipe my sweating forehead with them but gave up and quickly thru back the sheet and stumbled into a door, luckily it was the bathroom. I repeated my ritual from this morning, bringing up the unwelcome meals I had ate the day before. As I finished I sudden color caught my attention. A color I was not use to seeing. My eyes got wide and I jumped to look at myself in the mirror and started to scream, clenching onto the side of the sink to balance my leaning weight. My hair had been dyed the color of blood and my eye color had been changed as well to a glossy crimson. They no longer sparkled like what the pictures of the ocean looked like. They no longer were calming. Only full of anger and rage.
I fell to my knees, weak from the sudden wave of emotions, and held in my sobs. The only color I wanted most was gone. The only thing that made me remotely calm was vanquished and I was left alone to sulk in my miserable and lonesome tears. Alice was gone and I was alone… That’s when my eyes shot wide open as I remember my name being called. I jolted my head up, looking at my surroundings to get a better idea where I was. Slight disappointment filled my heavy chest as I realized the bathroom still looked the same. Maybe I woke up to fast and imagined I was somewhere else. I slowly got to my feet, struggling to keep my balance, and pattered into the room I was just in. As I took the sight in my heart practically stopped.
There, across the room, was a shining transparent rectangular surface that illuminated a stunning glow which made me shield my eyes from its magnificent glow. Absolutely breathtaking. I quickly stumbled across the soft carpet, dying to touch this alluring thing, and pressed the palm of my hand against its smooth surface. It was warm and firm, but had a soft feel to it, and outside this doorway was full of colors and shapes I would have never dreamed of in my entire life. There were grassy hills with it’s shining green grass, and a garden with all assortments of colorful flowers and vegetables. All around were mountains with their blue gray streaks with the occasional green for the tall pine trees that were freckled across its surface. The top was decorated in a white glow, snow, and it made the scenery even more wonderful. The one thing that put this picture all together thought was the baby blue sky, dotted with thin wisps of clouds and the shining sun.
Tears flew down my cheeks as I grinned, full a great sense of euphoria. I had only read about these types of places and never believed I would actually see one for my very eyes. My species only knew sorrow and darkness so this was an amazing experience for me. I was on the top of the Earths surface, away from my old life and moving onto my new one with Alice. My heart stopped as I thought her name.
Quickly I sprinted through the bedroom and began to call her name frantically. Where was she? She had to be somewhere near if I was here, or was I still passed out somewhere on the cold ground? I tried to hold on to the thought that this was reality and screamed her name as I dashed down a narrow hallway, panting within the short distance I ran. Suddenly a blur flashed before me and sure enough there she was, but a concern was etched in her face. She leaned against a wall and took a deep breath as I skidded to a stop in front of her.
“Alice I was so worried! Where were you? Where are we? How’d we get here? What’s going-” She held a hand up and gave a small yelp to shut me up. I squeezed my lips together and kept silent until she could breath again.
“You… Get back to bed now!” She shouted and I flinched slightly, surprised by her reaction. She was normally a very kind and polite person, “You don’t understand, Crystal, you are extremely sick and need to rest or you could be in big trouble.” She practically whispered the last part, looking away with her wide worried eyes. I knew what that meant. If I wasn’t healthy enough I could be sent back under… So under that note I turned and walked back into my room and laid down, Alice close on my heels. As I sat there a sudden realization struck me.
“Alice did you read my mind?” I looked at her with excitement but she had a stern expression plastered across her childish face and my excitement quickly faded, “What’s wrong?”
“You’ve been out for a while. Just concerned.” She heaved a sigh and pulled a chair beside the bed and slouched into it, “One of the healers said you would have to fight this one by yourself and it’s either life or death.” She stared off to space for a moment, “I was so scared, and Kaito was trying his hardest to keep me calm. I don’t want to be in that kind of anticipation again. I have hardly ate anything and I only took a little drink of the ’fertilizer’…” She was talking to herself more then me so I stared at the ceiling, letting her rant to herself as she calmed down. I wasn’t worried though. I was feeling better then ever because I knew there was something beyond the darkness of my life.
After a few minutes of daydreaming a sudden curiosity sparked my interest.

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