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Haley's story
Read it. :3

I'll update it when she sends me more.

Despite how nauseous I felt I forced myself to crawl out of bed and approached my bathroom. As I stumbled into the pearly white room a felt my throat close up and quickly dove onto my knees and let nature do the rest. My body was aching with every convulsion and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Quietly I cursed the human body I was in, muttering about how I was better off without this decaying organism holding me prisoner. Quite frankly I was just pouting about being sick. I had never experienced sickness until I took on a human form and that wasn’t something I was willing to try and get use too. The sudden thought of being human made my body tremble so I quickly pushed the thought as far away as possible and stood up on my shaky legs. I took hold of the cold counter and flipped on the water. Quickly I ducked down and filled my mouth with a rush of the icy liquid to try and rinse out the left over chunks.
“Well rise and shine, Miss.” A childish voice chimed from behind me. I wiped my mouth on a towel and grinned a little at her.
“Well good morning Alice.” I walked past her and she automatically took shadow mode and began to follow me. Alice sometimes reminded me of an eight year old the way she latched on to me sometimes, but I didn’t mind at all because to me it was nice to always have company. I took a glance at her and she flashed me a supportive smile. She knew I was sick but was polite enough not to mention it. My pride needed some time to recover after the episode I had in the bathroom. Alice took her position and sat on my bed as I grabbed a towel to go take a shower.
As I stared at myself in mirror, which was getting fogged up from the shower, and I ran my eyes over every square inch of my body. Humans were truly disgusting people. My hair was a light blonde that flowed to middle of my shoulder blades and my body was slender and pale. I cringed and tried to distract myself and stared into my reflections eyes. This was the only true beautiful thing on an humans physique. My reflections eyes were such a magnificent icy blue color that it made my heart leap and a smile crept slowly across my face. The light made them sparkle and the pupil shimmered in all of its silver glory. My eyes glossed over and the twinkle they had was so enticing that it made my skin crawl and I found my hand touching the cold glass. I put my hand down, realizing how unprofessional I was acting and shook my head and stepped into the steaming shower.

“So what happened?” Alice asked curiously. I stiffened as a pulled on my shirt. When we enter the world of the humans we each are blessed with a power, or a ’calling’, and each one of our callings is as different as a snowflake. The social class of our society is based off of our callings. The higher your calling the closer you are to royalty and the closer you are to enhancing your calling. I was only a level four, which didn’t bother me at all because I didn’t want to leave my town yet. However, I had a feeling Alice would be leaving soon to join her husband in the royal alliance. Alice was a level seven already, and that was without the ‘fertilizer’, and her calling was telekinesis and mind reading. Her mind reading abilities weren’t as developed as much as her telekinesis so she could only read the aura of peoples emotions. I was shocked she was questioning my emotions. For the past month or so I’ve had terrible mood conflictions but she was always nice enough not to poke or prod for answers. I turned to question her sudden nosiness but the words caught in my throat as I look at her face.
She was kneeling on my bed, leaning forward with wide sapphire eyes and furrowed brows full of worry. Her dark raven hair wrapped around her shoulders and waist and her face was full of innocence and her fragile body didn’t help the matter. It was hard for me to believe that this girl, who looked about nine, was truly seventeen. Lying to her wasn’t an option any longer. Your heart would have to be made of stone if you could lie to Alice at all.
“I’m not one hundred percent sure what’s wrong. I just don’t feel at ease anymore.” I laughed half heartedly picked up a comb and handed it to Alice.
“Well you’ve been acting strange since Lord Lation made that announcement.” She pouted like a four year old and began to comb my damp hair. My body went on edge as she mentioned his name and I held my breath. Alice stopped and hugged me from behind, “Don’t worry, Crystal,” She whispered calmly into my ear, “You’re just having another attack again.” I gave a slight manic laugh.
“You’re right. I’m being ridiculous. I’ve only talked to the man once or twice in my life.” I took a deep breath and calmed myself down. Once Alice was satisfied with my emotional level she continued to brush my hair as I slowly began to dissolve into a time years ago…
I heard nothing but voices swarming around my already spinning mind, making me dizzy within the darkness of my thoughts. The different pitches and tones were distracting me from the euphoria in the dark abyss that had swallowed my whole consciousness. It was agitating and I could feel my soul boil with frustration as the voices got louder and louder until all I could comprehend was the constant echo of whispers. Finally a cold rush shot through my body and I suddenly was staring into a bright light. I let out a scream of pain and a shadow covered it. I peaked up and saw two thin sticks with five ends on each one and I screamed again. They moved as I wished they would but I still could hardly see anything. The bright light blinded me and suddenly I was vertically up. I looked down and saw a body and a felt something I had never felt before. Emotions? Fear? What was this? What was This horrid contraption I was stuck inside. More of the thin disgusting organisms surrounded me, one sticking out to be particularly. The body muttered something in a deep voice, but words made no sense to me, and reached out to me so suddenly the stick attached to my side whipped out and struck the monster coming at me. I red liquid oozed from the face of the body and the tension in the room grew thicker.
I screamed, abstract noises spilling into the air, as the human grabbed onto me with amazing force and speed and the sudden feeling of pain rushed quickly thru my form. The deep voice figure began to yell in strange tongues all while pounding into me with his limbs and the pain grew stronger and stronger. A sound of bones snapping made the room still and everyone’s attention was on me and the deep voiced figure towered over me, now holding still, and in the softest of tones it whispered something bitterly into my ear and it made a quick flex and the room echoed with the sound of my cracking form. I gasped, but was otherwise silent as my vision disseminated into utter blackness, sprinkled with shimmering scarlet red drops.


comments are loved

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commentCommented on: Wed Dec 30, 2009 @ 01:14am
Holy crap....that was pretty good. Tell her that I hope to see more!!!

commentCommented on: Wed Dec 30, 2009 @ 11:39pm
Holy crap is right. i didnt know haley wroth this O_O. Dude its so descriptive. i felt every little bit of it. Holey moley!

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