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Nothing much has been happening lately. :/
Winter Break is over pretty much, unfortunetly.... And I have 3 D's now because I missed the last day before the break!

I'm sorry, but I was NOT going to school the way I felt. I didn't want to pass out in class, or throw up anywhere! :<

But I have a docor's note, so hopefully I can take any tests or finish things when I get back. If not, I'm gonna be really mad. > . >

Anywho, hopefully, tomorrow I'm getting a hair cut. My bangs have grown so quickly. D:
Besides, my friends here haven't seen me in what? .... two weeks? So, it should surprise them a bit to see a change. Both in appearence and attitude since cyle had told me something a few weeks before winter break.

He said that I've gotten really mean over the time that he's known me. And I don't even know why? He says that I used to be nice, which I was really nice to everyone before, just with my usual sarcastic comments that made people laugh. Which they were mean comments, but I wouldn't say them too much. :/
but lately, it seems that I've only gotten even more rude. D:
So, i've decided to become nice again, with of course, my sarcasm, but on low since from what my friend Jacky said: I'm small, cute, but I don't act how I look. I'm not innocent what-so-ever. [how ever you want to take that XD ]
I'll still have my perverted mind, just not my rudeness, unless someone makes me so mad to the point that I can help but be mean. [ I try ti avoid being mad D: ]

But yeah, I really want a hair cut! I love it when they wash your hair, it feels nice. = w = [my brother says that's weird ] But it does feel nice.
And I'm cutting it the way I had it when I first moved here to nevada.
Zaidee said I looked cool [in 8th grade ] I didn't know her at the time.
But now she says she doesn't want me to do anything with my hair. Oh well, she's moving anyway. :3

I wish i'd move soon too. But my mom keeps telling Jason, we cant afford it. But she doesn't know completely yet how we will be by april when our lease is over. :/
Jason just tells her she's being negative when truely, she's thinking things through unlike him.
But I just wish we'd move soon so i don't have to get any closer to the people here. It would only make it harder.
Only this time, I know where I'm going, and I know the people I'll be around. :3

Unless, as my mom had said, Jason cheats on her. Then she says we're moving to Texas... which... I Hate Hicks. > . > HATE. No, i'm not over exaggerating when I say that. I have pure hatred for those stupid, racists, people. D<
They ruined the childhood moments for me, the school experiance, I never enjoyed living in North Carilina, or Georgia. But I do want to go back, Mom says that there are Antique shops there that she saw so many awesome things there. I wanna go too. <3
But yeah, I also wouldn't mind going to Texas since there are people there who love us. Unlike my mom's parents, her sister just complains. But Great Aunt Debbie is so nice. Great Uncle Dan is quiet though, so i never really liked him that much. Chuck, and his wife, all those other people I had met several years ago, were so nice to my brother and I.
I don't know my mom's cousin that well, my mom says that she loved me a lot when I was a baby and would take care of me in a heartbeat if my mom was incapable. creepy...

So! hopefully, Jason doesn't cheat on my mom, so they can be happy together. So my mom wont have to be lonely when my brother and I leave to live our own lives.
That's why I told Haley not to kill him, she's welcome to hate, but that's it. I don't want anything to happen to Jason, as long as he doesn't hurt my mom. He's her source of happiness and I'm happy if she's happy. :3

And if we do move back to Arizona.. I'm scared, but I'll try to ask if I will be allowed to see Haley again. I know Jason will say no, but if I cry, and promise that nothing bad would happen again, i'm sure he'll soften up.. But I dunno yet. It'd make her happy... But I'm just hoping that Morgan wont get too Jealous. She thinks that Haley belongs to her from what I've heard.
But I'm the one who got everyone to meet her. So she better not b***h about me hanging out with my bestest frind. O . O!!!!!

speaking of which! :'D 7 more days!!!~~~~~ heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

January 9th of 2007! It's almost been three years already? Holy crap!
> u <

Crazy! XD

Oh, and I only have a few, A FEW chapters left of Pandora Hearts to read... That makes me sad. DDDD:

Oh well, why must there be sooo many hot guys in that manga!!!!!!! :'D

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