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Pumpkinella's Journal
i just put random stuff in here
new years stuff
Tonight, I went to a concert. The lady that was next to me in the mosh pit had to have been in her seventies, at least - she had mostly white hair, even. She helped me crowd-surf, and correctly sang along with more songs than most of the kids in the crowd did. I hope I can still enjoy a good show now and then when I'm that age, too. MLIA

Yesterday, I received a trial prescription for a sleep aid to help with my insomnia. I took the dosage as directed, and woke up this morning in my old prom dress, wearing one Doc Martin boot. Just one. I don't even own a pair of Docs. I don't know where the other one is, and I don't know who this one belongs to. I'm not even sure who to ask. MLIA

Today, at a party, I got an airbrush tattoo just to freak out my mother, who hates tattoos. The tattoo was the Dark Mark on my left inner forearm; I didn't think that she would understand the reference. When I got home, I started watching TV, and I placed my arm casually, but so that my mom could see the tattoo. When she noticed it, she flipped out. Not about the fact that I had a tattoo, but about the fact that I was a Death Eater. MLIA.

Today, my friends were debating whether it was better to be a vampire or a werewolf. In the middle of it, one girl yelled "I WANNA BE A NINJA!" I agree. MLIA

One time i went on a trip for school. On the list of students attending the trip it had their gender. Some of their genders were wrong because they had neutral names. I thought it was funny until I realized that beside my name there was a question mark. I was the only one with a question mark. And I clearly have an obvious name.MLIA

Today, i accidentally discovered a fast food restaurant called ninja burgers. rather than walk up to your door and deliver ninja food, they sneak through backyards and roofs to discreetly give you food. in full ninja attire. needless to say, i ordered, and my friends and i hid in various places with nerf guns waiting to shoot them. an hour later, we discovered my ninja burger on my upstairs bathroom window sill. MLIA

Last year, for our Winter band concert, we had a medley of evil movie themes to play. It started with the Imperial March from Star Wars. Our conductor whipped out a light saber from his stand and started to conduct with it. We almost couldn't play because of our laughing. MLIA.

Today while I was eating at a cafeteria when I said "God im under so much pressure!". Immedietly after the table next to us, the school choir, bursts out and starts singing to me, a well rehersed acapella versuon of Under Pressure. Pretty soon the four surrounding tables joined in. Best lunch ever. MLIA
^this is awesome although i am slightly confused as to what acapella is

Yesterday, when I was babysitting the two kids next door, I asked them what they wanted for Christmas. Without skipping a beat, the boy said "A black Snuggie with flames so I can run around the house screaming 'I AM A DEMON!' and rub my feet on the floor and shock people." This kid has a bright future.

Today, while bored at the Mall, I pretended to be a mannaquin. This guy walked to me, trying to figure out if I was real or not. I then yelled, and he screamed and ran away. Laughing, I moved to another part of the store, and did the same thing. The same guy returned with a friend and tried to tell him I was real. I didn't move, so he got angry and pushed me over. I didn't do anything, and pretended to have been knocked unconscious when my head hid the floor. He freaked out, and tried to find a pulse. I then yelled and scared him again. He screamed swore at me, then left. The whole time me and his friend were cracking up laughing. We have a date for Tuesday. MLIA

Today the first Harry Potter movie was on ABC Family. When Harry finally got his letter I burst out in sobs. My roommates came back an hour later, I was still crying. It took them twenty minutes to make out "I'm 20, I'm not getting my letter!" their only consolation was that "maybe your owl's retarded?" Thanks for trying, guys. MLIA

Yesterday my best guy friend got in a fight and was sent to the office. I was sent to the office too because I got in the middle of the fight to stop it. We both hate our private school so while waiting to talk to the dean of displine he looked at me very seriously and said do you want to get out of here. I nodded and he started making out with me. His girlfriend is my best friend, but she goes to a different school. We both got kicked off of my private and got a high five from our parents, and his girlfriend. MLIA.

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