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Pumpkinella's Journal
i just put random stuff in here
i spent last night remembering the past year, all the good things i did, all the mistakes i made, friends i lost and friends i made. i spent most of last year and most of my time thinking that i'm not good enough, that i'm not worth anything b/c idiots tell me so. i realized last night those idiots are wrong; that i'm wrong. The good outweighs the bad in my past year and I am thankful for that and that I realize that, and that I realize i am worth something and so is everbody else. I realized I am strong in so many ways and that those ways is what made this past year amazing and what makes the good outweigh the bad. I love that,my friends,and,my family. Happy New Year everybody! and not to be cliche but I love you all heart

I will be here whenever you need it. I will never make you regret it, I can promise you both of these things.

all of this, all the time you're here for me. when you help me, that you actually care

i'm nobody now?.

no, you're an amazing person who actually cares about me. i'm just lucky enough to have met you

well you actually care about me and i actually care about you, you're close to me, i won't regret it being you, and you're good to me (i probably had more reasons that i can't remember right now)

glad i could i don't want anything bad to happen to you ever. I care about you. anything to make you happy
i will. anything at all.
trust me

and i wanna kno what the hell you could possibly see in me

everything. i love everything you are, everything you do, everything about you

hey drew
alyssa's like friggin beautiful
u loved her
how can u even like me?

59 shots o' rum agoDrew Blair
because you're amazing, you know what i go through, you try to help me, you're not a dumb blonde xD hahaha, you care about me. there is so much. *wishes you were here right now* oh, and btw -YOU ARE ******** GORGEOUS, ACCEPT IT. I THINK YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, JUST BELIEVE ME-

57 shots o' rum agoKyra Burgess
yeah but i do that for everybody b/c of what i've been thru
i'm only "amazing" b/c i've been broken so many times

56 shots o' rum agoDrew Blair
omg. no, you're amazing because you are who you are. not because of anything or anyone else.
you're the only one ever to get this close to me, you're the only one who i have ever let get this close to me, the only one to say you're proud of me, the only one who i think actually loved me.

you give me someone i can talk to about my problems, someone who understands what i've been through. I was getting scared of my feelings. I was sending love away into a room, far back. with no light, no windows, and a door that only opens from the outside. i was ready to lock it up and throw away the key. You showed me there is someone to truly share love with...I love you so much

you don't think you didn't do all the same for me?

i give what i get. i always have. you showed me an awesome person who i could tell was hurt. you gave me a person that would always be there for me no matter what and meant it. in turn ur the first person i've told since my ex that you can call me w/e. but i tell all my friends that. in return what i really did was come after you. you locked love in that little room yeah but it called out to me.
i reached out to answer that call and you gave me your hand.
you said i love you and meant it, you helped me when probably no one else would be able to talk me down. you said i love you. i said i love you too, and meant it.

i gave you more than my hand, i gave you my heart. i mean everything i say to you, and all you do for me i will gladly do for you.

i love you
mi novio, mi corazon

I love you too x3
you are my heart, the only thing keeping me alive. without you're love, who knows what i would've done

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