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Life of the Wolf

Genove of Chaos
Community Member
Chapter Four: Call me Darkness
Darkness, that's all I could see. I knew i was standing on my own feet cause i could feel hardness under them. I look around expecting something, anything. "Hello? Mr.... ummm Darkness guy?" There was a laugh and I felt someone grab around my waist as if a lover would. "Is that the name you've chosen for me? Darkness?" I pull away and turn to see him, it was as if he was the only thing lighted in the world. He stood there grinning, his arms from the elbow down were twisted black claws, as were his legs from the knees down. The rest of his body looked human enough, though two large horns curled back over his black hair that covered his eyes.
Grinning he showed me his teeth that would look like they belonged to a vampire. "What are you?!" I step back, away from what I could only imagine was a demon. "I told you Bells, I'm your guardian angel... Don't be afraid... I just reflect the image of your soul." I swallowed hard. "My soul..." I stepped closer to him reaching up and gently strokes his cheek. This action wasn't something I wanted to do, my body acted to someone else's will.
He pressed his cheek into my hand and it made me shudder in fear, this angel scared me... and he was a reflection of my own soul... so this must mean... I'm evil. I felt his claw grab hold of my shoulders and he hunched over to face me eye to eye, his hair moving to expose a wolf like eye. "I will watch over you Bells, don't let anyone know though, or they'll try to take me away, exspecially that man you met in the mansion... he will get jealous that I have you and will try to seperate us. He almost looked truely concerned.
"I... I won't tell him..." He smiled at my response, "Good girl, Bells. When the time is right, I will take you to a world that you only dreamed about, but until then... live on and keep us a secret.." I felt as though a rope was pulling me away and I watched as he got smaller as I was pulled further and further away.
I woke up on my bed as the sun just started to rise above the buildings. "Was it all a dream...?" Though I could hear his voice whisper clearly in my head "no".

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