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Life of the Wolf

Genove of Chaos
Community Member
Chapter one: Flowers in the attic
There was a disturbing electric feel to the air in this now lifeless house, though I'm sure I was creating it myself from being there. I knew the current "residents" here did no enjoy my company, but then again no one enjoys theirs. My name is Aiko Hitoroshi, or as everyone calls me "Bells", and I am a paranormal hunter.
I can't say I'm a professional paranormal hunter, rather I do it as a hobby when I'm not busy with homework or doing the dishes. That's right, I forgot to mention I'm 17 and in high school. Anyways, people say I'm reckless for searching in old barely standing buildings for something that apparently doesn't exist, but I'll prove them wrong when I'm the first person to ever catch a ghost.
So I don't have a team, or the right equipment... or even a camera. I guess it's a little foolish into thinking I can walk up to a ghost and say "Hey! I think your neat! Want to be my friend so I can show the world I'm not crazy?". Then again I never really thought I'd find one, but my life will suddenly change tonight... I'm sure of it...
As I walked through the house looking for any signs of life, or... "unlife", I started day dreaming of the usual aliens, vampires, demons, angels, and everything else fantasy and sci fi I could think of. I wasn't really watching where I was going in this huge mansion of a house so I was sure I was lost, but I didn't care, if I had too I'd sleep here hoping for a ghost to scare me awake.
I marched up some creaky old stairs to the third floor, which was actually a really nice and large attic, where I found a room that would give most people the creeps, it was filled with dusty broken toys, the room looked like it had been unused longer than the rest of the house which sent me into a spiral of conclusions.
"The house must of belonged to a rich couple who wanted a daughter, and made this room for when she would be born. But the wife grew ill and died before they could have one, driving the husband insane as he locked himself in his studies all day till he finally hung himself. That must be what happened here..."
I stepped inside the room and it became suddenly ice cold, this made my skin crawl and my heart race happily, when it gets cold and eerie like this there must be a ghost!
I walk into the room slowly and I'm washed over with a sudden fragrance of lilacs. The scent confused me because I couldn't find a meaning to it until i notice a small bouquet of lilacs laying on the tiny child bed. They were fresh! "Someone has been here!" I rush to the bed, not minding the warning creaks and groans of the floor, I reach out to touch the flowers but as my fingertip touches the first small petals the floor gives way and I am sent crashing into the dark.

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