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Life of the Wolf

Genove of Chaos
Community Member
Chapter Two: It happens to the best of us
I woke up feeling rather fine, actually it had been the best nap I had in a long time. I reached over trying to feel for my alarm clock to see the time, but all i found was what felt like cloth and under the cloth, someone's leg.
I jerked my hand back and opened my eyes, I thought I had opened them...., I found a tall and rather handsome man looking over me. "Are you ok?", he said as he walked around the hole I had fell through, I was back in the child's room.
"What happened? I fell through that hole and blacked out, shouldn't I have some broken bones?" The man looked shocked almost, this showed his age, which looked to be 24 or so. "You don't know..?", he trailed off and left me looking at him a little stupidly. He coughed to clear his throat, "I happened to of been right below you one floor down when you fell, though you did hit your head a little hard so you've been asleep for a couple days..."
I threw the blankets off and rushed to the window and moving back the curtains the bright sunlight hit my face making me squint. "Good thing it was the weekend... I probably should get home though, before my parents get worried. The last thing I need is a "what were you thinking? you could of died" speech." I smirk and look at the quiet and very emotionless man.
"Soo... thanks for saving my life and all... My name is Aiko, but you can call me Bells like everyone else." I smiled a little weirdly, not sure how this guy would react to anything. "... Gabriel Aden Stone..." He watched as I walked to the door. "Well, I guess I'll see you around Gabe. Thanks again." I rush down the stairs and found my way out without much of a problem.
I went behind the stone wall where I left my bike, but it was gone. "God bless it! Someone has stolen my bike!" I kick the wall and grab my toe hopping on one foot. "Damn wall!" I make my way home trying not to mumble the bad words I was saying too loud.
When I finally got to my apartment I was exhausted and flopped on the couch. "Mom! Dad! I'm home! Please don't kill me!" I lowered my head waiting for scolding scream, but it didn't come. "Huh..." I walked to their room and it was bare. I rushed to my room and it wasn't empty at all. "What the hell is going on?" I rushed to the door to speak with the manager but found a note taped to the door stating. 'Because of the sudden death of Mrs. Hitoroshi, this apartment was completely bought out for Aiko Hitoroshi, all other members of the family has left Japan.'
My hands started to tremble, my eyes became blurred with tears. "Mom... died...? A-and my Dad just... left me?!" I ripped the note up in a fit of rage and pain picking up the nearest breakable thing and smashing it to the ground. I went to my room and out of habit locked the door behind me and cried. I didn't go to school that week...

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