Admit so,
My lovely girl
That when you hear my lustful words
You simply wish to come and go
And do as you and your secrets hold.

Ah, the voice the accompanies my words
The desiring passion that each one beholds
As if you won't forgive me, indulgences be sold
And simply deny yourself, from the truth not being told.

Give up to me,
Is the farthest thing your pure soul wants
But as your body wanders through dependation
Of what your eyes let on to see
You know by far that you cannot persuade yourself out of me

I am not asking to yet admit your love
Simply for once to forget above
To look into my playful eyes and admit
That you want me, without and with

Read along the lines,
for that very much defines
That your little act of so divine,
Is nothing but lust and want,
Hidden, oh, so very fine.

I will not stop to persuade
To seduce or to persue that in which I sedate,
Which is your longing heart for my touch and thy pleasure
That I will require with every single desperate meassure.

Me trying to persuade my own girlfriend, Ali (this is weeks after the last poem), to be seduced by me. Did it work? She claims it didn't.