Shadows crawling,
as the tender wind unfolds with my past
tell me, love, will you last?

I can hear the fair moonlight,
making the bugs buzz into the night,
I can hear your beating heart
looking around with fright.

Shall I dare look at you?
Shall I gaze into your desiring eyes?
Shall I whisper my love to you?
Or should I say my goodbyes?

As my eyes wonder, up in the gentle night
I shut them concerned
Of what will it and what might

It is such an atmosphere, to be looking at the reflection of the river
The thoughts, the wind, the night, your presence...
It all makes me shiver.

And even if I look unhuman to you
Even if you think I am numb towards what you say
I cannot imagine a world deprived of you
Tell me you love me, or my last moment will remain today.