Spoken pasts
Present doubts
Can you all tell me
What life is about?

I lost my memory
I swear, no lie
I bet I had it all figure it out
How life is and how it goes by

Now I am stuck in nothingness
Between what has been and what is today
Who knew that after so many years
I am still stuck with nothing to say

I lay in a bed
Or visiting my present past
How can something that happened
Have so much effect and last?

Stuck in confusion,
Nothing but what others claim about me
When will I remember?
When will I know who I used to be?

I lost my memory due to three accidents I had in 5 months after I awoke from a comma. The first things I remembered was the English language, my family past and how to write poems. I now remember everything again, slightly confused in my latest memories (which includes those of January since I fell in a coma on February three days after my birthday, six days away from Valentine's Day) but for the rest it is clear. Still, this is the first poem I wrote since that.