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Pumpkinella's Journal
i just put random stuff in here
okays i hav a few things 2day ^^ ...
um first on saturday 10/18/08 i tried 2 kill my bro n he hid in th bathroom so meh mom got meh away from him n then she sed "sometimes i worry about you" n i started laffin n laffin...then i hit my head went "ow my head"n kept laffin

nd yesterday we took down th awnings at th shorehouse in like 15-20 mph winds so my hands hurt but theyr fine now...n then i got in fight wit bro n won by hittin him in btween th legs lmao

okay 2day i almost got ******** killed by sum guy's dog xcept it was on a leash...th dog was barkin n snappin at meh*shudders*...i wonder wat wud hav happened if that guy had let th dog off it's leash...

vamp version!
10/18/08 ok so my mortal brother annoyed the hell out of me so i tried to kill him but my mortal mom doesnt know im a vamp so i had to try n kill him with brute force...but my mom got my brother away from me so i didnt get to kill him...damn and then my mom said sometimes i worry about you lmao oh if she knew what i was and how much im restraining myself from killing them all she would worry more no doubt twisted

yesterday 10/19/08
we took down the awnings at the shorehouse in 15-20mph winds and i was the only one who wasnt cold even though i only had a sweatshirt jeans and a t-shirt on..and my parents are totally oblivious so they didnt notice...and i was working with my mom razz so i had to make sure to work at a human pace...*sighs* man living with humans is hard!but i manage and i also manage not to get killed by the police on my late night roamings which is good cuz i hav like no vamp mentor so i had 2 learn how to avoid the police on my own isnt that nice!

today some guy's dog wanted to kill me it was barking and snapping at me...i wouldve been able to take it except a "normal" wouldn't have been able to take that damn dog...*sighs* the animals can always tell

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