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Stuff and junk.
Maniitok Talluak
[Profile layout by me. Please give credit if you use it. ]

// Section I - Personal. //

► General:

Name: Maniitok Talluak
Nicknames: Manii
Age: 23
Place of Origin: Talluak village, Land of Snow.
Profession: Ninja (originally fisherman.)
Interests: Fishing, woodcraft, the cold.
Dislikes: Hot places, confrontation.
Extra Information: Maniitok used to breed sleddogs for his tribe, and now keeps one of them with him as his companion. A samoyed named "Storm".
Strength in Battle: long range ninjutsu.
Weakness in Battle: Fire ninjutsu.
Mother: Hareøer Talluak.
Father: Nordre Talluak.
Brother: Strømfjord Talluak.

► Appearance:

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 198 lbs
Body Type: Lean, well defined.
Hair: Short, brown, unkempt, thick.
Eyes: Green
Notable features: Slight stubble, scars across his body and arms.

► Dress style:

Casual: Long sleeve shirts, heavy coats, jeans, sneakers.
Fighting: Thick black sleeveless dufful coat, red and white striped shirt, blue stained jeans, black fingerless gloves, red tinted eye goggles.
Special Occasion: Black formal tuxedo, hair gel, silver cuff links.


// Section II - Equipment. //

◘ Inventory (Armour and weapons.):

► Long sword. (Kraken.)

◘ Length: Six foot, tip of blade to bottom of hilt.
◘ Material: Hardened chakra-infused steel.
◘ Weight: 40 lbs when normal, with Ice 53 lbs
◘ Details (decorative): The steel has a blueish tint to it, and has a consistent shine at all times. Several colorless runes have been etched into the blade, rumored to be aids in channeling chakra through the blade, though others speculate they are mere decorations. The hilt is made from thick oxen hide and fine horse hair, with a brass knob at the bottom to prevent slippage
◘ Details (combat related.) : Chakra imbued steel, serrated edge.


► 1x Steel plated headband.

The headband is made from a thick black cloth, about three feet long, and half a foot wide. On the front of the headband is a relatively thin piece of blackened steel that is about the length and width of Maniitok's forehead. It is bracketed at the back
with a rubber padding for added protection and comfort.


► Dry Ice Smoke Bombs

Standard smoke bombs filled with dry ice instead of smoke. These help to provide
moisture in the air when in particularly dry environments. The density and volume of dry ice is roughly the same amount as if it was filled with smoke.


► 2x Bottles of water.

two translucent bottles of water attached to Maniitok's belt. They can be used to moisten an area in preparation for an attack, or to quench ones thirst.


► Black duffel bag.

A simple duffel bag, handy for storing items that one may need on their travels.


◘ Money (500 GG.)
◘ Sleeping Bag.
◘ Flashlight.


// Section III - Abilities and skills.//

► Ice Manipulation

Allows him to turn water into ice, and, with enough concentration, freeze the water molecules in the air. Many attacks can stem from Ice Manipulation, so it's impossible to list just what his techniques are, however, mostly it is shape and size manipulation.

The ice being controlled requires a constant source of chakra, and so is draining when used for pro-longed periods of time. however, with practice and experience it becomes easier to do.

Aswell as freezing existing water, Maniitok can also control Ice that was frozen without his assistant, and to a certain extent the ice that fellow ninja have created.

► Ice armour

Forms pieces of chakra-hardened ice around his body. The density of the "amour" varies depending on chakra input, and concentration, though usually it is about the same strength as a piece of chain mail.

► Kirigakure no Jutsu

This jutsu envelops the surrounding area in a dense mist, reducing visibility within the affected area.

The density can be controlled by the user, allowing them to create a mist so thick that even they can't see through it.

► Tough sunuva gun.

Growing up enduring the harsh environment of the land of Snow did wonders for Maniitok's personal fitness. He has a fantastic immune system, is in great shape and is well built.

He can also endure harsh weather, and has a high pain threshold.


//Section IV - Notable accomplishments.//

► Crossed an ocean using his chakra alone.

//Section V - Biography//

Grew up in a secluded area of the land of snow with his family. They lived in a small Inuit village populated by roughly 25 people. Night and day the village would live off the land, with no real need to hone their chakra abilities due to being completely ignored by the outside world.

Maniitok however, was unhappy with the way things were, and thought of the other villagers as "ignoring their destinies". he started to train himself from an early age, and by 18 he was using his chakra to manipulate the land around the village, and was bringing food, warmth and safety to his fellow clansmen. They never went hungry, never suffered floodings, and could build homes within a few seconds.

The Talluak clan had Ice element chakra within its blood, but, being such a secluded clan, their abilities had laid dormant for centuries. Seeing the potential for greater living that utilizing your chakra could bring, the villagers asked Maniitok to help them develop their own skills.

When he was 18, Maniitok took off from his village to explore the world outside of the land of Snow. He used his ice to aid him in his travels over seas and vast mountain ranges, and eventually ended up in the Fire Country.

He now seeks to experience as much of the modern world he can, before returning to his village one day, a stronger, better man.


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