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Stuff and junk.
// Section I - Personal. //

► General:

Name: Kiet Summers
Age: 18
Place of Origin: California, USA
Profession: Student
Interests: Fighting, girls, cars.
Dislikes: Guns.
Extra Information: --
Strength in Battle: Mid range combat
Mother: ??? (orphan)
Father: ??? (orphan)

► Appearance:

Height: 5'10
Weight: 11stones
Body Type: Lean
Hair: Blonde loose ponytail.
Eyes: Brown
Notable features: None

► Dress style:

Casual: Jackets, printed shirts, jeans.
Martial Arts: White karate gi.
Special Occasion: Jeans, shirt and blazer.


// Section II - Abilities and skills.//


► Satsujinken (Murderous Fist)

This is the martial art Kiet practices in. It is based loosely on Karate, Judo and Taekwondo with various other techniques blended in too. It's original intention was to focus on killing your opponent through a variety of different moves, though various incantations of the art have branched out into less violent, but no less effective forms of Satsujinken.

► Surge Fist (Hadōken)

A move practiced by many Satsujinken users and often delivered at different strengths depending on the users Ki energy. Kiet is particularly talented at this feat and can swiftly focus his ki into the energy needed to shoot rapid hadōken's or slower, more solid ones.

► Tornado Whirlwind Kick (Tatsumaki-Senpū kyaku)

Another signature move of Satsujinken. A powerful spinning kick that can be delivered on the ground or mid-air. Different practitioners of the art have come up with various ways of using this move. Kiet's version focuses his Ki into his legs, adding a blue glow to his attacking leg, giving it the heat and blunt force of a hadōken.

He can vary the speed and range of the move depending on the situation, and can do a standard version of the kick without focusing his ki.

► Rising Dragon Fist (Shōryū-ken)

A powerful uppercut that can be applied with varying strengths and heights. Kiet's version of the move adds a blue and black flame to his fist, and drops the usual spinning around that is performed at the peak of the move. Instead he usually opts to perform a whirlwind kick to protect himself as he lands.

◘ Ki Usage: "specials"

The above moves are what are considered the "specials" of Kiet's arsenal. These are his bread and butter moves. Though they deplete his bodys ki, they aren't taxing enough to require "charging" or "cool down" posts.

Strength wise the projectile is about three times as strong as an average punch but with much wider range. The spinning kick is at about the same strength, but can hurt more depending on how many hits it gets. The uppercut is the most damaging of the three moves if it connects properly, inflicting both blunt and elemental damage.

Kiets ki reserve is pretty high so he can use these moves pretty frequently, though he can't "spam" the same move multiple times in a row due to the complex act of ki focus, in which it "resets" to a neutral state after a move is used. Though this is somewhat of a burden, it is also the reason he is able to "link" his special moves together. For instance after a Hadōken has been executed, the ki will reset to it's "neutral position" but the energy it's built up from using the projectile can be used to speed up the transition from a projectile to an uppercut.


►Vacuum Surge Fist (Shinkū Hadōken)

The Vacuum surge fist is a variant of the surge fist. Unlike the surge first, this move takes one post to charge and puts more of a strain on Kiets body. Instead of the usual blue glow of a Hadōken, the Shinkū Hadōken has a purple hue to it, and hits multiple times in a row. Kiet's twist on this classic move is a slight ability to control it's trajectory.

For example Kiet charges a Shinkū Hadōken, his opponent jumps, Kiet fires it horizontly at first, but upon seeing his opponent changes his direction, can control the ki for a few seconds to shift the projectile upwards. This has its limits of course, and the direction it's going can only be changed once.

► True Rising Dragon Fist (Shin Shōryū-ken)

This is the original rising dragon fist but with added strength and increased flame properties. To put it simply, it is a three part attack consisting of a gut punch, a stationary uppercut, and finally a rising uppercut. To explain the move properly it will be broken up into those three segments and explained.

◘ Gut Punch

The initiation of the Shin Shōryū-ken require a punch that can temporarily stun an opponent. The Gut punch is a swift punch to the opponents stomach that delivers a short blast of Ki into the solar plexus making the opponent suffer from a shortness of breath and short paralysis.

◘ Stationary Uppercut

The next part of the move requires a uppercut to the opponents jaw, this punch is also "tipped with ki" sending a blast of it into the opponents jaw and throat, pressuring the wind pipes and trachea, combined with the first move this pretty much allows for a free hit with the next punch, which is the core of the move.

◘ Flaming Uppercut

This is essentially a Shōryū-ken but with it's power increased by roughly ten fold. The flames on the fist are much bigger, and Kiet spins around during exectuion, inflicting burns all over the opponents body.

This move is very much Kiet's "trump card" and drains him a considerable amount.

◘ Ki Usage: "Supers"

The above moves are considered "supers" and rarely get used during a match. If they do then it's usually only once and the strain it puts on Kiets body is very noticeable.

At max Kiet could use these moves twice in a match, though after the second one he would be basically spent.


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