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Stuff and junk.
Hunter Edwards
[Profile layout by me. Please give credit if you use it. ]

// Section I - Personal. //

► General:

Name: Hunter Edwards
Nicknames: n/a
Age: 28
Place of Origin: London, England
Profession: Archaeologist
Interests: Sports, history, science.
Extra Information: Is descendant from a line of Templars who were banished from france for worshiping a false idol.
Mother: Henrietta Edwards
Father: Montgomery Edwards

► Appearance:

Height: 6'2
Weight: 198 lbs
Body Type: Lean, well defined.
Hair: Short, gelled back
Eyes: Green
Notable features: Slight stubble, birthmark on left shoulder.

► Dress style:

Casual: Long sleeve casual shirts, vests, jeans, running trainers, brown leather jacket.
Fighting: Same as above.
Special Occasion: Grey formal suit, skinny black tie.


//Section II - Biography//

► Section II A - Introduction. IC

Hunter grew up in Manchester, England. Born on the 5th of July 1990, he came from a middle-class traditional family. No religion, but a very strict moral code. At the age of 18 he attended the world renowned Oxford university, where he earned a masters in archaeology. After leaving the school, and saying goodbye to his family and friends, he took off on a year long archaeological dig centered in some recently discovered Egyptian ruins.

After six months of intense work and patience, the dig crew finally discovered a bizarre looking piece of scrap metal beneath the sand, surrounded by several fossilized bones. Excited to finally have made a breakthrough, the team excavated the artifact and preserved it in a protective tank inside the main research tent. The following morning, Hunter, ripe with curiosity ventured into the tent before anyone else had even awaken. He took the piece from the tank and laid it carefully down on the examination table, donning protective gloves and a mask as he sat down infront of the surprisingly shiny piece of metal.

He took a pair of tweezers from a pan besides the table and picked up the artifact, turning it around and examining it carefully. Next, he took a small hammer tool from the pan and began to chip away at the dirt and stone that had become lodged in the cracks and crevices. The more he chipped, the more the piece of scrap metal began to gain more structure. It seemed to be fashioned into an insectoid shape of some kind.

After all the cleaning was done, Hunter took the piece in his hands, confident that it was structurely strong enough to be handled. He looked at it in awe, it was bright gold. The shine hadn't diminished at all through out the time it had been buried beneath the sands. A group of strange, intricate markings caught his attention. They were like hieroglyphs but different..more primitive. He ran his fingers over them and squinted, trying to make out the bizarre symbols and shapes.

Suddenly the symbols began to shake. Or rather that was Hunter's first impression. In actuality the room itself had started to shake, the room, the excavation site, the entire world had begun to shake. The only things not shaking were the artifact and Hunter. After a few seconds the shaking stopped and Hunter shook his head. He had dropped the metal insect during the shaking, and could see it lying motionless on the floor. He rubbed his eyes with his forefinger and thumb and stood up. He must've been over tired..imagining things. He went over to the piece and picked it up, hoping to place it back in it's container before the others awoke. But it was too late. Hunter saw a shadow moving outside the tent. The door pushed open.

Standing infront of him was a small man, clad entirely in white robes. His eyes were decorated with a strange black ink, and he wore gold jewelry around his neck. Hunter reeled back in shock, he looked at the man and suddenly began to panic. The man was looking at him with a strange gaze...almost fearful, but definitely not submissive. He started to talk in strange tongues, Hunter didn't understand him at all. Then, he lifted up his left arm and pointed a long staff at Hunter, one that had gone unnoticed by him untill now. It was a long, gold coloured staff, with a carving of an eagle headed man sitting at the top. Hunter recognized the symbol immediately. It was Horus, the Egyptian god of the sky.

Up untill now his eyes hadn't wondered from the strangely dressed man, but now they did. They wondered to the open door to the research tent, or at least what used to be the research tent. What was once cloth was now solid brown rock, large perfectly square pieces of stone forming an archway. But it was what was beyond the archway that truly stunned Hunter.

Pyramids, statues and tall buildings, all in perfect form and shining as if it was the very day they had been built. Hundreds of brown skinned men and women, dressed similarly to the man who had entered the room a second ago. Hunter stumbled forwards as his legs finally gave way to the shock. He felt a sharp pain go hit his stomach and everything turned to black.

► Section II B - Explanation. IC

The beetle pendant Hunter found was actually high tech piece of technology handed to the Egyptians by higher beings back around the times the pyramids were first built. The technology is capable of transporting a being through time, or to be more specific, transporting time around a person.

It was used to acquire levitation devices that helped the Pharaohs build pyramids and other amazing structures, but was taken away as soon as the Egyptians started to pull machines of war from various times and places. Horrible machines capable of far more than the Egyptians realized. The higher beings were outraged and tried to destroy the creations and machines the Egyptians had gathered. However they had become too powerful, and were able to match the beings head on in warfare. Huge losses were taken either side, but eventually the Egyptians pulled through, their culture and cities were in ruins but the higher beings were utterly wiped out.

Before they died though, the beings scattered the various machines, artifacts and tomes describing their existence throughout time. An act of desperation to stop the Egyptians from reaching their goal of complete world domination. It was one of these artifacts that Hunter had stumbled upon. When he rubbed the symbols he basically pressed the "on" switch and without specific directions, sent himself back to the exact moment in time when the artifact was discarded.

► Section II C - Modern day. OOC

The above happenings took place about ten years ago, and modern day Hunter has experienced many events through out time. He has mastered the time travel device and lived among pretty much every major civilization that has existed through recorded time. When he was first sent back to Egypt he gained knowledge of the war between them and the higher beings and was told of the scattered artifacts and tomes that were lying unnoticed through various eras. From that day on he started a quest of curiosity and perhaps power, to acquire all of the artifacts and books.

To this day he has the time travel piece, and the first book of lore that the higher beings wrote. Mostly stories of their creation and religion rather than hard scientific facts. He has also picked up various equipments through time, such as spartan shields, samurai swords, high tech armour and laser weapons, scientific studies that would not be carried out in his original time for at least 1000 years. And of course many others. Obviously he returned to his own time on occasion, if only to check up on loved ones, and to drop things off in the storage bunker under his house.

// Section III - Abilities and skills.//

► Time travel

Through the power of a ancient artifact, Hunter can travel through time. Apart from this he is an average human being. (cannot be used mid-fight)


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