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~Altria's Chest of Chance~
Until I come up with something better random things will go here.Recent sketches and drawings,bits of written things or poetry.What I feel like putting down and sharing about my life.Recently seen and read things.Something funny,strange or maybe sad.
What is it like to fly?+

To stand on top of the tallest tree, highest tower, biggest mountain feeling winds gentle touch only to plunge into the seemingly eternal darkness below. To fall through the air with the wind caressing your face, touching you hair, laughing in your ears and a feeling of freedom, ever lasting freedom spreading over you with warmth. To stop before kissing the ground, laugh death in the face, “Maybe some other time old friend.”
To spread your wings and speed through the air, faster and faster, wind tearing at your clothes, ruffling your hair, a cold touch on your cheek changing into a warm breath and back again. Rapture. Pure bliss.
To fly up, up, higher and higher until you could see nothing but the sky stretching before you over the horizon. Nothing, but the everlasting marine blue world with the stars, eternal watchers, winking at you from their post.


I'll be starting a recently read books section, for myself mostly since I highly doubt someone is going to bother reading this except my friends.
Books:Un Lun Dun
By: China mievelle

I loved this book from the first couple pages. The writing style is very unusual and I could hear characters talking in their British accent in my head. It does start out in the patented style-the chosen girls travels to the other world in order to save it-but then goes hilariously wrong. The chosen one,Schwazzy,gets knocked out in the encounter she was supposed to win and goes home with no memory of her somewhat small adventure.
It's her Un-chosen friends that uncovers the conspiracy going on back in the safety of London and decides to do something about it instead of assuming everything was fine and she made a mistake. So she travels back to Un Lun Dun (say it slowly if you still don't get it), by climbing the library bookcase for hours, it’s a weird book ok, and that’s where the adventure really begins. I loved this book and will read it again very soon. Full of un-chosen people, ghosts who don't want to possess you, garbage that attacks in packs, a talking book of prophecy that is mostly wrong, killer smog, a guy with a bird cage for a head and an empty milk carton Curdle that behaves like a pet- Un Lun Dun is one hilarious, very weird with a capital W, read. The most un-standard book I’ve seen in ages. Grab it in the library at least (you know, that place full of..books),and I'm sure you won't regret the time spent with it. If I'm wrong you can…write an angry letter to that guy who was rude to you in 3d grade and tell him all about it.


[i:67325d6731][b:67325d6731] "See the world in a grain of sand."
William Blake

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