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~Altria's Chest of Chance~
Until I come up with something better random things will go here.Recent sketches and drawings,bits of written things or poetry.What I feel like putting down and sharing about my life.Recently seen and read things.Something funny,strange or maybe sad.
Review of anime The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
~I've recently watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.It's a very sweet anime with nice animation done in warm colors.A little sad at the end but with hope of looking towards the future.It stars a girl who through an accident,which I am not describing as it would spoil a major plot point,gains the ability to literally jump back in time.She starts using this ability to make her life easier and wasting it on silly things,like jumping back to retake a pop quiz and jumping back 30 times to sing at karaoke.She is best friends with two guys and wants things to remain the same between them.But what happens when it turns out she has only a limited number of jumps and her changing things each time creates an effect that gets one of her best friends killed?And she has no more jumps left to correct it?How was she able to gain the ability in the first place?And who is one of her best friends really?
~The twist at the end was something I did not expect at all.The ending itself is a little melancholy as she has to say goodbye to someone she only now realized she loves but there's is hope as they can meet in the future.
~Overall,this is a beautifully done anime with some very nice shots,the point where time "freezes" for a few moments especially has some gorgeous shots of still birds in flight and such.It's done in mostly warm colors that a nice on the eyes.
Story:9/10 - Nicely done,sweet,a little melancholy,very believable emotionally.I think we can all relate to many things she feels,like wishing for things to remain the same.
Visuals:9/10 - Nice warms colors.Well done.
Characters:8/10 -This gets an eight because although the characters are well done we don't get to find out too much about them.I think a little more depth to her two best friends could have been given as we only find out surface things like:he is smart,they like baseball,etc.
Music:9/10 - Nice soundtrack with main song being,Garnet.
Year of release-2006
Genre-science fiction/romance
Running time:98 minutes
Studio:Mad House
Director:Mamoru Hosoda
Music by: Kiyoshi Yoshida,piano played by Haruki Mino.Theme song Garnet and insert song Kawaranai Mono were composed,written and sung by Hanako Oku.
It has also won different awards including Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year.

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