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~Altria's Chest of Chance~
Until I come up with something better random things will go here.Recent sketches and drawings,bits of written things or poetry.What I feel like putting down and sharing about my life.Recently seen and read things.Something funny,strange or maybe sad.
Journey to Baltimore and Oh My God,do we have to walk there?
I'm currently on a little trip to Baltimore for reasons that will remain top secret but I'm willing to share the rest.

Baltimore is an amazing city.There are so many ancient buildings everywhere,I could feel history radiating from them.Churches,cathedrals,library,hotels and huge structures that someone actually owned and lived in.I would get lost in seconds in a house like that.Decorated with ornamental carvings,statues,historical plaques, they look noble and out of place among modern houses and constructions.
Harbor is my favorite place.They have ships docked at the bay,one was turned into a museum,and the smell of salty water hung in the air.The Aquarium is right there too.I lucked out and went in thirty minutes before a dolphin show.It was amazing,the front row where I sat got splashed with water.Watching them jump into the air and perform tricks I wondered who really trained who?Maybe the dolphing trained their trainers to give them fish and the tricks they do are just signals....I saw some gigantic fish,a shark that made one kid cry ,electric skat.A big turtle named Betsy lost one paw in an accident,watching her struggle to turn around made me sad but then a young skat came along and pushed her along.It seems animals adapt quickly and stand up for each other.There was also a squid the size of a small child,he kept sucking the glass with his tentacles.I don't think I can walk into any seafood restaurant anymore.I hated it before but went with friends and family but now I'll think of the squidy...
Anyway,the last thing I went to see was a frog display.They positioned several big,glass tanks with different species of frogs around a long coridor.One frog looked like green tree bark,I noticed by accident that this green moss was actually breathing.All of the frogs blended in perfectly,it's amazing what nature can come up with,we just copy it.The trip was wonderfull the only bad thing I noticed was little notices near frogs and squid display about dishes made out of them.That was disgusting but maybe that was the point to be made.

Today I went to the famous book store,Barns and Noble.The building itself was a sight to see,made of small red bricks,it had a huge guitar at the top.Inside there were two levels and when I got to the second floor I thought,"This is what book heaven looks like,".Lines and lines of book shelves.I think I spent about four hours in art,manga,fiction and one more section that will remain secret.I finally had to leave when it started to get dark since I have to walk back to where I'm staying and it's a little scary at night,but I had my new books clutched in my hand and could feel the new emptiness in my pocket.The walk home was long,and I have to walk everywhere since cabs are very expensive.I was weezing instead of breathing when I finally got to my room.Is this a sign for me to exercise more?Who cares,I have some new books that need reading. lol

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