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Easter Island Giant Head Things:
Have you ever wondered were the heck those things came from? well... i have a hypothisis... i think that some alien place on like a different planet was like making them in a factory to sell them to different planets, but one day mars wanted something from them, but they couldn't come pick them up, so they called and asked them to deliver it... they obviously said yes, but on the way to mars they relized that thier UFO was running out of gas, so they just had to drop them on the nearest random planet they could find so that they would have enough gass to get back home... and the mars people never came to get them because they were too lazy...
so... anyways yesterday i was petting my dad's roommate's triantuala and i relized that it felt kind of like kiwis, so i kept petting it, untill eventually it got mad at me so it went to bite me and yes i know they don't usually bite they spit their hair at you ( i think it tried to bite me cuz it didn't want to really hurt me because it knew if it hurt me it would become a part of my 4 inch tall shoes)so anyways i was thinking isn't that weird that their hair is more dangerous than thier fangs? that's kind of like... i don't know say a werewolf going up to you and saying "I'M GONNA RUB AGAINST YOUR LEG AND KILL YOU!!!" just kinda weird don't you think?
Dvd's And Posters:
ok... have you ever been watching a movie or looking at a poster and thought GAHHHH!!! I WANT TO KILL YOUR SHOES!!! well i think that alot... i think that they should make a new feature in dvd's called change the shoes because they bug ron... ya i like that idea.. but my friend pointed out that they would have to re-do the movie like a billion times for that to work, and that just wouldn't work on posters... so instead they should just seek out the almighty and super wise ron so that she could tell them what shoes to wear or draw them wearing... ya... i like that idea too...

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