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Random talking to myself
well... it's sunday now... usually i sleep all day... but today i decided to wake up... ya... but that doesn't mean im not still tired... cuz usually i could say i'm tired like twenty-four/seven... but for some strange reason i'm not tired... wow that's amazing... i like chocolate popcorn, i had some of that last night and it was really yummy! my dad makes the best popcorn ever! ^^ geeze that was random... oh no! your here again? of course i'm here you ditz! i'm always i here i live in your head... so! don't even bother asking me to leave, amazingly for once i'm not tired ethier so i have no were to go... what? i don't know...wow... wow what? i just realized that people probly think that we are complete and total wackjobs... why would they think that! i'm perfectly normal! you're arguing with your alter personality i don't think thats very normal... well if you would just leave me alone i wouldn't have to argue with you! well... how can i leave you alone! i am you! ...so! your a complete and total idiot. no your the idiot! you can't even come back with a decent comeback! i can so! i just don't want to waste it on you! you can't waste words moron! your a moron! omgsh just shut up! no i'm not gonna shut up i'm trying to write a journal entry here why don't you shut up! why don't you turn on some music your voice is annoying... we have the same voice!!! yes... but mine is in a cooler tone yours is too high pitched... cuz your too short. I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!! oh please do then i can't hear your voice.. OW!! WHAT THE FREAK THAT"S LOUD! HA! I CAN KILL YOU WITHOUT KILLING ME! JUST BECAUSE YOUR DEAF FREAKIN SHORTY! SHORTY!!!! THATS IT!!! OH MY GOSH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD THATS TOO FREAKIN LOUD!!! YOUR THE ONE WHO WANTED MUSIC-OW!!! wow that was loud... i told you.. shut up! i can't shut up unless you shut up! fine i'm turning off the computer... oh i'd like to see you try! ok fine i won't turn it off jerk! ha! your calling me a jerk! I KNOW YOU STUPID PHONE QUIT RINGING I'LL DO THAT IN A MINUTE! GAHHHHHHH!!!! YOU STUPID PHONE!!!!!

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