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They say never to go with your first thought because only garbage floats on the top, but somethimes, your first thought is your only thought, or sometimes you have no thoughts at all, in these cases say nothing.
I'm bored, so I'm going to randomly write a story, for practice writing.

With each step I took pain shot through the soles of my feet, like a thousand nifes piercing my skin. It hurt, worse than I would have once thought it was possible to hurt, but I keep going, for I must get home.
"Hurry!" called my brother running barefoot in front of me. I sighed, he always insisted that i 'hurry' even though he knew he was much faster than I.
"Coming!" I replied pushing a bush to the side, "how far are we?"
"Nearly five miles" he said slowing down, so he could talk "we won't make it by nightfall." I sighed again.
"Why must we go back today?" I complained, "We could pitch camp near that pond and get some frogs to take back as treats!" Now it was his turn to sigh.
"I don't know why they cut short our hunting trip," he said, "they just said we HAVE to be home before tomorrow morning." He started running again "Hurry!" he added.
"Hurry" I mimmicked, and stuck out my tounge in his direction, although i knew he wouldn't see it. I ran after him, the pain started to overcome me. I gritted my teeth to stop from screaming.
"Jacob!" I yelled, "I NEED to stop."
"Fine." He said coming back to me, knowing by the tone in my voice that even if he didn't agree I would stay here anyways. I sat down cross-legged and gasped at what I saw. "Sara!" he yelled running over to me, when he saw my feet as well.
"What's happening?" I asked with a scared, quivering voice.
"I don't know, nothing like this has ever happened before." I could tell by his voice that he was scared too. "Let's hurry back, and we can ask the elders if they know about it."
"But Jacob!" I pleaded "It hurts!"
"Hop on my back," he replied "I'll carry you."

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