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What ever is on my Mind... I guess..
This is the Longest Post I have done in a Role Play. An Avatar; The Last Air Bender role play non the less. Any who, Charm is my Original Character.

Creative Demon
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Sure, I've made Mistakes. Who hasn't? But now I'm gonna Change them. With my blood, I vow to protect they with my life.....

Wings soared through the brisk air as a shaow moved about swiftly below. The hawk sung as the shadow stopped. A shimmer was seen as the metal breathed. Realased from its case. Her eyes gazed. Foot step's were heard. She smiled. Two Fire Nation soilders were running through the forest. Suddenly, one fell. The first turned back. "Wha-? You!" Standing behind the fallen soilder was a slender woman. Her short black hair was tired back. She weld two short blades. They had dragons along the sides. Beautiful blades. The hilts were dragons heads. Rubby's for eyes. She grinned. "You! You are on our Side. But... Why?" the soilder exclaimed. "You Bit- !" He couldn't finish. A sword went through his neck. Her smile grew. The hawk soared down and landed on her shoulder. She stepped into the light.

Her skin was pale as the moon, her hair black like Raven feathers. But her eyes, clear was diamonds. A spade tatto was on her right cheek. She is a Ninja. "You a**... I'm no longer with the Fire Nation. I'm just Zuko's ninja now...." Her voice purred like silver bells, but was sweet like a mothers tone. Yes, it was a voice no one could forget. Her hawk, Zero, chirped and fluddered his wings. Soon, it took flight. Zero would be her eyes for now. Charm couldn't get to close to Zuko with out blowing her cover....

Zero flew gracefully above the Avatar and his friends. Zuko was in sight. It purched its self on a stone. Zero sat there, he blinked occasionally. But his small, black eyes stayed to Zuko.

I shall never leave you until the day my blood runs dry. A Promise of blood.... A true Ninja way!

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I'm looking for Updated Avi art! PM me with some samples. I'm willing to pay! Current Gold = 18203
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