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What ever is on my Mind... I guess..
Am I a bother?

Do I trouble you?

You once said you loved me... Then you broke my heart.

Now, in pain and wondering, I have nothing to do but weep and cause pain to others.

I try to talk to you, but your busy.
I get yelled at more... For trying to speak to you.

I have questions. I want them answered.

I know it seems like I'm just acting out becase I was dumped in such a hursh way. Maybe, Just maybe, My ego was brused. Or maybe... My heart was crushed.

I guess its true. "The more you love something, the easier it goes. And when it leaves, you cry. Every tear you cry, is worth a thousands times you loved that something."

I've cried alot. I've cried nights, days all alone in my room, all by my self.

No matter how many times you said you loved me, I didn't believe you. I thought... I knew it coudn't last. Thats why... I just wanted to hold on to you more.

I never got a chance to say that I loved you back. I wanted to say it... But soon after I told my self I would... You threw me away.

I never get hung over a guy. Never. They dump me, I move on.... Tell me... Why...WHY are you so different? Why can't I forget you? I try to erase you from my aching heart, but it doesn't work.

You said I was what you wanted in a girl. I knew you were what I wanted in a guy. Why didn't it work out?

Theres a saying "If you love me... Love all of me. If there is something you don't like.. Then why are you with me?"

Is there something you didn't like about me?

I had a crush on you from the first time I met you. To me... You were that short kid helping my family out at camp. When I got to know you better, I grew to like you better. When I told my self that I was going to ask you out... I found out about your girlfriend. Then, you dumped her. Suddenly, just to get a new girl. I told you. Even when you had a girlfriend. I said that I had a crush on you... Then, we were dating. But I felt odd. So, you moved on... To my best friend, in the same day. You cheated one her. Played her, by using me.

I had a dream that someone like you was going to fall in love with me.. That same year. But he was always running, wanting me to follow. He was always out of my reach.

I never had a real chance with you. Suddenly... My turn to shine. I took you back even though you made me a Third wheel and played with my friends heart. I never date a guy twice, but I made an acception for you. Then you tore it.

You thanked me a hundred times over for taking you back.

You know what? I don't like to be alone either. Is that why you thanked me? Because you weren't alone?

You gave me my first kiss... Even my first french. But then you walked away from me.

Tell me. What did I do wrong? Was it me, or was it something I did?

:: This is a Poem that has all the thoughts and questions in my heart and mind right now. Please comment. ::

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    hey im on your poem and im not the bad guy this time^^ lol j/k but good poem!!^^

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    comment Graveyard Bard · Community Member · Sun Aug 12, 2007 @ 11:13pm
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