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i'll write the most random of things; stories and remarks.
A Child's Voice
The government says that children-those under the age of 18-have no rights in the law system.

I spit to that. Children now-a-days are more aware than some of those so-called 'leaders'. I find it ironic that I disagree with what the laws, since I am a Divorce Master in law. There is another reason, but I'm not in a chatty mood right now.
My name you ask? Harriet Roads Vega-Vega. Strange, yes, well my father was from Chile. That accursed name made me the laughing stock of my law school. So much even that I simply changed my name to Harriet Roads. That is the name the court system views me as.
Its a wonder to me. I'm 26, beautiful ravened haired, blue eyes, very nice body, and I hate the sight of men. No, those who have stranger thoughts then me, I am not a lesbian. I cannot even explain why, its just; whenever I see another man, I feel like I want to shoot at something and hope its dead. Not that I own a gun of course. Honestly, I'm a lawyer not a murderer!
That is not the only thing that gets my blood boiling. Another is the sight of a crying child. No I don't hate the sound, it is the emotional pain I get in my heart. It gets worse in a court room; when I see a jailed father try to calm his crying child. Worse even when it is a mother...
Those are the breaks.
That is what my friend, Stan, says. He is my assistant and basically gay. He will never say it to my face, but you can tell. I mean, he wears a pink suit if not an inter pink line of clothing! It is actually quite scary when you think about it. Not to mention he is constantly trying to help me find a boyfriend. Yep, that is a basic give away right there.
Yes, I can stand some men, just not all of them. Especially those who are ego-headed. You know, the ones who always have to be in control of everything breathing on the planet? Then again, no girls really like that type of guy; unless they have no brains...

God forbid! Stan set me up with some random guy and I have a custody case coming up, the joy! If I wasn't in a meeting with the mother I was defending, I would have cut up all of Stan's annoying pink shirts!
The only reason I am defending the mother is the boy, her son, she said she is doing it all for him. Lucky little devil. When I sent the mom outside, behind a one-way mirror, I talked to the boy.
"What is your name?" No brainer first question.
"How old are you?"
He was quiet then raised his fingers to both hands showing five.
"Ten? Wow!"
"..." he mumbled.
"Do you like your mommy?"
"Do you like your daddy?"
"..." quiet again. Not a good sign.
"Who would you live with?"
"Mommy!" he yelled out.
I nodded as his mom came in to calm his break out.
I told Stan to show Lucus his computer to play a game. I then talked to the mother.
"My husband...He...He hit Lucus. And me too. I went into A Women's Shelter, but...But...He...He'll use this lie that I am a drug attic to get Lucus....I would never do drugs! There all his!....Please....Please help me!"

That woman's words still ran in my head as I was walking to the restaurant where my so-called date was. I felt like I was living the movie Enough while I repeated her words.
"Are you Harriet?"
I looked up to see a tan skinned man with brown hair, hazel eyes, and he was dressed in a black dress suit. Thank god he did not wear pink!
"Yes I am, and you are a friend of Stan's?" I raised my hand to shake his own but instead he kissed it. What the!? We're not in the middle ages!
"I am Raymond. Raymond Diez."
Wait a minute! "Diez? Are you from Mexico?"
He laughed, he looked kinda cute...shut it Harriet! "No. I'm actually from Chile."
"My dad is from Chile too."
"Roads isn't very hespanic.."
"My real name is Vega-Vega."
"Ah! The Vega's! My grandfather is a long friend of that family."
We went on about our families and stuff like that. Then it came to leave and he drove me back to my apartment and kissed my cheek. Said good night, gave me his number and left. Wow, he was a gentleman!

"I will go into the other room to make my final choice."

The judge left his stand and went off behind a door near there. My employer was shaking, the mother could have started an earthquake if I had not placed my hand on her shoulder to calm her. The husband, from what I saw, was one of those guys that I hate. I then thought that this mother was one of the ones who had no brains, maybe even eyes. At least she got away from him with the child.

The judge finally came back out with a police officer. That was new. Usually the police officer is there constantly, no he just popped up randomly. "We find the defendant, Mrs. Fran, innocent." The no good husband stood up but the officer merely hand-cuffed him. "You, Mr. Fran, are sentenced to 25 years in prison for child abuse and false accusation. Court adjourned."

I cannot describe nor count the number of swear word that came out of that husband's mouth as he was pushed into a cop car. I watched as the mother hugged her son; Lucus and Stan waited across the street in a toy store.
"Well done Vega." Stan said in his girlie voice. I noticed him wink to a worker at the toy store. God, he's at it again!
"I agree."
I turned around to see the police officer, turns out it was Raymond. Random much!
"I was in charge of the family's safety until that man was behind bars. You did well in putting him there Harriet."
I only smiled.
"It wasn't me who put that son of a dog in his pen," I looked at a smiling Lucus pointing at the toy store. Telling his mom to check out a robot he saw. "It was that child's voice. All he had to say was mommy, and I would climb Mt. Everest to win the case for them." Raymond did not get it, I could tell by his face. Stan was too busy giving the worker his number to just smirk.
I spit to the government. I will mute every word that comes out of their mouths about children. They are just being hypocrites. All they would need to hear, to run everything straight forward, is a child's voice. That is, if they do not have there own.

I smile to that.

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Hikari Chiyu
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Jul 23, 2007 @ 09:22pm
i posted it in meez so i post it here too. questions?

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