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i'll write the most random of things; stories and remarks.
"Please! I beg of you!"

A woman pleaded for her child's life as a solider dragged him to the door. The child was a boy screaming for his mother. "Sorry ma'am, orders are orders." The solider then drew his sword and aimed it at the child's throat.

"Pf. Humans these days..." a female voice came from behind the man.

He had no time to turn for the female struck him down, grabbing the child before the man fell into his own blood. The woman stared at the female in shock but softened as she gave her back her baby. "Sorry for the mess, I'll clean it." The female then turned to find a mop, then the woman saw a tail and ears.

"A demon..."


"Shadow! Boss!" a man came up to another in a pub with the smell of cigarettes. Shadow was a drunken raven haired man with a crimson jacket. The jacket showed off a six pack of light-tan skin. His black pocket pants were accompanied with black boots with gold clasps. A katana was tied to his left hip, lined with rubies and white pearls. In his right hand was a shot with gold liquid splashing in the glass. “HAHAhaha. What’cha want Galon? Hick.” Shadow slurred while gulping down the shot with a breath afterwards. Galon’s white hair looked like twilight and his black eyes the piercing night. His black ninja style clothes were covered with wrinkles to suggest what he was doing earlier.

“HER! T-that girl! She was spotted in a town not that far away from here!”

Shadow wasted no time in standing and quickly running out of the pub to the edge of a forest. Galon rushed to keep up with him. Shadow stopped in front of three other people who were sleeping quietly. “WAKE UP!!!!!!! Hick.” he shouted to the crew as he fell back to the ground. A girl with brown hair quickly stood up with her black long sleeve top on, it showed off her stomach. Her green shorts had a pouch on her right and it shook with her.

“Gidet reporting!” she stated as she saluted Shadow and Galon.

The two men then stood, both had identical faces of blue eyes and light skin, but one had red hair and the other blue. Either were wearing the opposite color of ninja style clothes. “Haru,” the red haired boy stated, “and Huru,” the blue haired boy stated, then together they said “Reporting.”

Galon then lifted up Shadow, “We found her, she is near. Come on!”
With those words said they disappeared with only the leaves telling that they were even there.


Silently, a young girl cleaned her claws with stream water. Her claws were stained with blood. “What a discussing smell.” she cursed herself about her sensitive nose. Her orange-blonde hair was shortly cut to just below her chin. A no-sleeved red top only covered her chest area showing off her thin form. Loose yet tight black pants were also stained with small dots of blood. Her feet were tucked into a small pair of black tin shoes. On her arms, were twin bands of black; they looked like bandages from a distance. Her emerald eyes stared at her still bloody fingers regardless of her harsh scrubbing.


Her orange-blonde ears turned to her left followed by her eyes. Something was watching her. As she stood her tail, same color as her ears, twitched with shock and excitement. She then sniff the air, smelling the rum and cigarettes. Smirking she looked to the water, examining herself with the moving mirror.

“Come out, humans.”

Slowly, Shadow’s whole group appeared before her, all bearing weapons. Then Shadow himself appeared with his right hand holding his head from pain. “Finally, we found you. The Wolf Assassin herself, Haruhi.” Shadow stated while moving to stand in front of his group. Haruhi moved her bloody fingers to her mouth as she playfully licked the sour liquid. She smelled their fear and could fell them shaking from the ground.

“What do you want? Speak quickly, or your group will soon abandon you.”

Shadow then glared at his group and then lowered his arm. “I would like it if you joined our group.” Gidet looked at him shocked, same with Haru and Huru. Haruhi lowered her head then let out a long laugh, “What’s so funny?” Galon interrupted her laughter. She then stopped and looked at them, “You. Stupid humans, I only work for me, myself, and I. In other words, no.” Haruhi then bent down to the water again to wash off the blood, “Now beat it, before I decide to add more blood to my hands.”

Shadow walked until he was close to her, a deadly closeness. “Zeldala.” Was all he stated but it made Haruhi stop her washing. “We are going on a mission to fight against her. That is why we want you to join.” His yellow eyes looked down at her frozen form, then turned to walk back to his group.

“Where do we meet?”

He turned to see determined emerald eyes staring at him, along with a smirk.


“I can’t believe she joined! And a demon at that!” Gidet yelled while organizing her knifes and thin wire into her pouch. “Shush! The guards will hear you.” Galon stated while placing a giant ninja star on his back. Shadow stood near the tree top of the wooden area they were hiding.

“I thought only pups waited for their mothers like this.”

He turned to see Haruhi gracefully landing on another branch in front of him. “You know what must be done?” he asked as they jumped down in front of Shadow’s crew. “Hn.” Was Haruhi’s answer as she walked near Galon, “There is only six guarding the area, three at the two doors.” Galon then turned to Shadow as he came up to her left side, “You, Galon, and I are to go inside once Haru, Huru, and Gidet get rid of the guards.” he stated, then Gidet huffed. She turned her head to the boys and they disappeared leaving the leaves.

Suddenly, a loud alarm was going off and the three guards that they were just staring at were on the ground. Dead. Haruhi covered her nose as the smell of blood shocked the calm summer night. She then noticed Shadow’s nod to her and Galon. Then the same as the others, disappeared with only leaves remaining.

Clank. Clank. Clank.

Shadow, Galon, and Haruhi ran down a metal hallway as they tried to get to their destination. Whenever a guard appeared, Galon or Shadow killed him. Haruhi stuck behind, like a hidden member incase something went wrong. They(Shadow and Galon) stopped at a fork in the hallway, splitting into two different areas. Shadow took the left and Galon took the right; but Haruhi stood away, hidden in the shadows.

“So, you have returned.”

Haruhi’s eyes then widened as the room then changed into a dark chamber. Black, gray, tile, those were the colors that she saw and no light anywhere in the chamber. Then a hazel jewel glowed and formed the shape of a long cloak with a woman’s head of long dark green hair. “Zeldala…” was all Haruhi could breathe out as was frozen again. Zeldala smirked and laughed while walking forward to her, “My, you have changed so much. When was the last time I saw you? Oh, yes that’s right! When I killed your entire clan!” Haruhi could not move, flashes of her clan being destroyed and she only watching. It broke her.


She snapped her eyes and saw Zeldala’s sword nearing her chest. Haruhi quickly dodged the weapon and then her missing company reappeared. She turned to Shadow, who was the source of the scream and nodded her head. He knew what that meant, a silent thank you. Galon then took his ninja star, that was covered with blood, and threw it at Zeldala. Shadow then drew his katana and charged at her.
The ninja star glowed and then turned into fire of burning yellow light. The katana absorbed this light and as Shadow struck, Zeldala stepped back in pain. Galon smirked at his trick and his weapon reappeared on his back. Haruhi then stepped in by placing her hands to form a triangle in front of her. “Spirit of the Flame!” a tiny spark then sprang to life from her fingers and flew at Zeldala. The flame turned into a blue eagle as it struck Zeldala, tossing her into the wall forming a crater. Shadow then let out a sigh as more alarms went off, “We can’t finish it. Come.”

Just as they were about to leave, Haruhi spotted a slithering shadow sprang up behind Shadow. She jumped to get to him when…

…Crimson and black liquid mingled together on the gray floor. Shadow’s arm was cut but Haruhi was struck in the heart. She coughed and spits of blood joined what was on the floor. Zeldala then looked down at her own side, Haruhi had pierced it with her right claw. As she slowly pulled it out, Zeldala slowly fell down; letting the blade stay in Haruhi. With a splash, she joined the blood on the flood. Shadow then took Haruhi’s shoulders in a hug as Galon removed the blade. She only coughed.

“Why did you-?”

“Heh. My mother was a human. But she is still alive somewhere…” Haruhi’s eyes were slowly losing their color. She was dying.

“No. No you can’t!” Galon shook his head at this, there was nothing they could do.

“…Harriet.” She stated just as she lost her strength in her legs. Her body was now a rag-doll.

Shadow closed his eyes then looked back at Galon. “She’s dead.” Galon stated while walking over to his master. Shadow placed Haruhi’s body on the ground, the blood had stopped. He motioned and closed her open eyes, Galon came up to him and patted him on the shoulder. He then motioned to pull at Shadow’s arm, to get out. Finally, Shadow stood with a necklace that was tied around her neck. It was a golden heart locket. Shadow then nodded to Galon and they disappeared, leaving with the smell of death.
Once outside, Galon told the others what happened. Gidet went to comfort a sadden leader, he was sitting on a branch near the edge of a town; the one where they were from the beginning. “Shadow?” Gidet asked as sat down next to him. “That girl…” He started, Gidet then hugged her arm around his shoulders. “…I loved her so much. And now she’ll never know.” Her eyes widened but she hugged her leader, “She is a demon. Maybe she could smell it off of you?” Gidet tried to make him feel better. Shadow sighed and gave her a small smile. Then looked up to the night sky with many stars and a giant crescent moon shinning down on him. He gently traced the outline of Haruhi’s locket, Gidet stared in wonder but then jumped down to leave him alone. The only thing in Shadow’s eyes was sadness…


“Doctor, the project is stabilized now.” A female assistant stated while walking to the doctor with files in her hands. The doctor was also a female, with long elegant light brown hair tied into a braid. Her hazel eyes looked over the files quickly and lied them down on a desk. “Doctor? You realize her memories are gone? You can’t call her-”
“Yes, I know Ms. Bair. What should we call her?”

The doctor’s hands rested against a tall glass cylinder, inside was a young girl in rags. Her snow white hair moved with the water, eyes closed, her cream skin cleaned by the water, and strange doll/elf ears on the sides of her head shown. Ms. Bair came up to her boss with amazement of the girl. “I remember talking to someone from a distant land,” She stared, “he said that Hikari meant ‘ray of light’…” The doctor turned to her, “Hikari…” then turned back to the young girl and smiled. “Very well, Hikari it is. Better than Haruhi…” Ms. Bair stated as she typed the name on a computer. The name then appeared on a small rectangle screen above the cylinder.
As Ms. Bair left, the doctor started to let tears that she was holding in cascade down her light-tan skin. “I am sorry Haruhi, but your last body is useless now. Zeldala is being reborn and she won’t think that one of her own is her enemy.” She stated while rubbing away her tears. Then she calmly took off the lab coat to reveal a white blouse and a black dress skirt along with red high heels. She then looked at Hikari one more time and walked out the lab; locking the door on her way. As she left, her name tag fell to the tile floor, it read ‘Dr. Harriet’…

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Hikari Chiyu
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Jun 15, 2007 @ 05:41pm

its part of a story i'm thinking of writing here. tell me what ya think?

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