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i'll write the most random of things; stories and remarks.
Role Play Profile
Name: Hikari Chiyu

Age: Appears mid 20s, actual age is 106.

Gender: If your not blind, female.

Race: Half Elf/Half Human Athenaril Ascended.

Personality: Kind, gentle, can be very pissed off when angered, stubborn, and calm

Flaws: She easily becomes curious, quickly confused, and her kindness makes her gullible.

Occupation: Healer

Primary Weapons:
-A tri-barrel gun with rounds of normal/acid bullets she personally makes.
-A sword made with Damascus.

~Magic Skills:
-Has some summoning abilities that she keeps remembering. Includes summoning spirits of the natural four elements (Fire, Air, Water, and Earth). Yet they are summoned in the forms of animals. Fire is a Dragon, Air is a Crane, Water is a Koi fish, and Earth is a giant Turtle.
Each of the animals came to Hikari’s aid in the forest that she works as a healer. These animals could not be healed, but choose to pay respects to Hikari by becoming guardian spirits or Shikigami. Sometimes these spirits may be used with her weapons to increase the strength of the material.

-In her absence, she found a way to use her blood as a weapon. By using the blood that falls out of her wounds, she can control it like a snake. Even multiply her blood. It does cost her some of her energy to use it. Once she uses it, she will be slightly hindered until she regains her strength. Though because of this her wounds heal on the outside more than the inside. In other words the skin heals completely within minutes but the organs take longer to heal when damaged in a fight. Because of this, she is unable to reproduce.

-Because of her blood skills, her skin has naturally accepted the ability to close her wounds quickly. While this may see like regeneration, it is not. Rather, her skin just closes open wounds quickly, nothing is healed externally or internally. She still feels pain regardless of her skin closes up the wounds.

~Non-magical skills:
-Knows basic medical treatment, not very skilled, but tries to help in any way she can.
-Average running and strength abilities when not heightened from use of a Shikigami.

A person who prefers the quiet, Hikari isn’t known for her fighting skills. Needless to say, if she is angered enough, she will fight. She has a very calm demeanor, despite her split personality.
Her other side is simply known as “Ms. Green-eyes”. And it is not a reference to jealousy, but to the simple fact that her eyes turn from blue to green. Usually this doesn’t happen often, these days Hikari has a grasp of her mental state. Yet if she gets too stressed, Ms. Green-eyes is bound for an appearance. The source of Ms. Green-eyes isn’t a well-known fact. Even Hikari has forgotten how and why she gained this other persona.

Along with gaining new things, her ability to control her blood and morph it into other things. The reason for this is simple, Hikari experimented on herself. For those who ask the reason she answers, "I just wanted to be useful for everyone." In her twisted sense of the word "useful", Hikari believes if no one sees her injured then she is useful in a fight.

Since Hikari has returned, her memory has become vague. It was already bad before, but now it is worse. So do not be surprised if she were to ask, “Should I know you?”

Originally, she used to fight for many reasons, but now she only fights to end her boredom. To her, fighting needlessly just adds to stress and she likes to keep her stress level low. That way she doesn’t go Green-eyes. Nowadays, she is seen in a forest, helping animals with injuries and helping wanders who get lost or come as customers. Her home is a small house deep in the woods, away from the city and far from the country towns. If there are no customers, she leaves in hopes of finding the keys to her missing memories.

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