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Day by day i change. Adapting this new life and hoping i scratch out just a glimmer of my old life.

Vampiress Nadia
Community Member
Dark Dream
"NADIA STOP!! PLEASE, PLEASE STOP!! PLEASE!!!" someone yelled.

I looked around me four bodies pale and lifeless. I turned to look what i grasped in my hand it was a body more important it was filled with blood and all i knew was how parched i was. It was like i was literally dying of thirst. i pulled the body closer to me so i had the neck to my mouth. i pierced the soft warm flesh with my fangs it felt so wonderful! The body squirmed making it hard to drink. This made me mad because i was so thirsty. I twisted the neck hard braking the neck. No more squirming. I continued to my task. The warm blood running down my throat. The wonderful metallic taste that gave sent me to the moon!! One there was no more i dropped the body and licked my lips hoping to find something i missed. I looked at my prey to see if there was anymore blood of which i could drink. I found something else. The bodies on the ground were my own Family. Flash backs of what had happened struck me with horror. I had approached my little sister with my fangs fully grown and tried to get her but my little brother jumped in front to protect her. I grabbed hold of him and snapped his neck and i let him fall to the floor keeping eye contact with my little sister only thinking of one thing. She again was saved by dad who fought me as mom told Alyssa to run. RED i saw red. I saw flashes of me and dad fighting. then i saw him on the floor limbs broken. Mom weeping and scrambling to find something to protect her. She was dead in an instant stabbed in the stomach. Alyssa had a gun she tried to shoot me but missed. I was so thirsty. So very thirsty. Alyssa was dead blood drained as the others were. Kirsten my twin sister ran to me screaming and shouting things i could not hear. I was still so thirsty. I grabbed her and watched her struggle trying to find the right place to bite. Thirsty I Need Blood Now!!


"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" I yelled opening my eyes in a panic.

" KIRSTEN?! KIRSTEN?!" i shouted.

I felt a cold hand on my back. I swiftly turned to see who touched me. A face i couldn't yet place was lying down with a worried look on her mouse like face. Still on edge I Slapped myself trying to calm myself down to get it together. Trying to fit the pieces together. What was real and what was not. I did the game i do most of the time i have a nightmare real or not real.

" Real or not real: my family is dead?!" i said to myself

" Not real" said the face i realized as Raevannon.

Shocked by an answer not my own i nodded and shakily continued.

" Real or not real: I...i.... killed Kirsten" i said crying.

" Not real Kirsten as you have told me is alive and well In Texas!!" said Raevannon.

" Real or not real: I am a vampire?" i said still crying

"Real" she said with no hesitation.

Still Frightened I cried hummed to my self trying to distract my mind from the horrible scenes Stalking my mind. Wishing the Nightmare did not seem so graphic and so real.

// Why?! I CANT GET IT OUT OF MY MIND! WILL I LOSE CONTROL AND KILL THE PEOPLE I LOVE MOST?! WHY ME?! IF THEY DIE I WILL LOSE IT I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL!!!!!!! (singing in my mind): Nothings gonna harm you not while i'm around! Nothings gonna harm you not while i'm around.STOP IT I DON'T WANT TO SEE THIS!!!!!!!!! STOP BRAIN STOP IT ....//

"...Nadia your ok! Everyone's ok! We could talk if you'd like!! lie down and talk!! If there's anyone who knows of nightmares its me! Ive been having them for awhile now. So what i do to calm down is to talk to someone. lay down and tell me what your favorite thing to do is!!"

I listened to her words drawn by her sweet voice i did as i was told and i answered.
I can tell i will have a good relationship with this lady! Probably one that will last me Many a life time!! This lady is worth getting to know and i shall protect her and guide her in what i can. I feel like i must leave my home soon. My family... i don't want to risk hurting them. I couldn't live with my self if i had. Hopefully The Master will come back and tell me what to do!

Soon enough i fell asleep. I dreamed of hanging out with Raevannon. We were at an anime convention fooling around dancing around the hallways playing uno and singing mary had a little lamb.

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