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Certain things for certain someones

The Future Author
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We're Greek!? part 2
We’re Greek!? Part 2
“The thrones will be toppled,
Darkness and Death will cover us….”
Let me give you a short anecdote on what just happened: I found out I’m Athena. “Zeus”, is my dad. We were having a meeting; and Apollo suddenly collapsed and spilled out the next Great Prophecy, which, supposedly means that the world will end in chaos and destruction and death! Couldn’t life be any better?
Aphrodite (Raneem) shuddered and exclaimed, “Eww! Yuck! No way am I going to get my hands all grimy and nasty!” “Zeus” replied, “Then you’ll play an iota in the war—you can design our battle gear!” “Yay!”Then the ground shook. The wind was blowing hard, and it sounded like it was speaking! “Zeus…. I shall dominate! I will topple Mount Olympus, the gods will die….” “No you won’t Kronos!” “Zeus” bellowed.
“Poseidon! I thought your ignorant son, Percy Jackson, took care of Kronos!?” “No dear brother,” “Poseidon” replied, “Kronos only left Luke’s (Hermes’s is kid) body. He’s not dead. “Zeus’s” face turned a deadly shade of red. “Hades” turned pale and said, “I’m out of here!” Then his consolidated form turned into a dark shadow and he faded away.
I don’t even want to talk about how “Zeus” was after that. After all of us managed to tie him up, we were calm. No need to entreat him not to burst! I finally started, “We can lead a docile plan; all of you just have to cooperate.” Everyone nodded vigorously, I even had the feeling that “Hades” was nodding from the shadows.
“Okay, so let’s make counterfeit copies of all the gods. I know Hephaestus can accomplish that. They fight Kronos—I KNOW that they’ll be taken hostage. Then Kronos will notice something’s wrong—then, we ambush!” “Pretty simple,” Dionysus said, drinking wine out of his golden goblet. “Yeah!” “Ares” yelled. “I can maul those Titans!” I stared at him and sighed, “Good for you…”

Everything’s complete. The robot gods were shining with radiance; thanks to “Aphrodite”, they looked exactly like us!

We sent off the “gods” to Kronos’s location and watched from far away. We saw Kronos in a body—apparently Prometheus’s body (oh! Poor guy!). He saw the “gods”, and bellowed, “Those insolent beings! They dare to tamper with my plans!” He waved his hand, and the “gods” melted. “No….” Hephaestus moaned. We heard laughing behind us and we turned around.
Behind us were the Titans. They grabbed everyone but left me. “What?” I said with uncertainty. Then something hit me hard in the head and I blacked out.
When I woke up, I was in a palace—unfortunately; I knew it was Mount Olympus. “Very tactful thinking Kronos,” I growled and tried to get up. But, I was chained.
I was also VERY lucky! I was recently studying on how to be telekinetic and telepathic, so I was pretty lucky. Using my telekinetic powers (which Athena really doesn’t have, I just made it up), I controlled all my strength and the chains exploded. “Kronos!” I yelled and faced him. I closed my eyes and in my mind, I grabbed Prometheus’s body, and flung Kronos’s spirit out of him. “I’ll get you for this!” He gasped/ yelled and disappeared. Prometheus shuddered and looked at me, then said, “Thank you. Your friends…” He waved his hand, and the rest of the gods appeared. “I owe you,” He said and disappeared.
“That just took a week!” Apollo exclaimed. “It usually takes years for a Great Prophecy to be fulfilled! It even took a century once! Even a few decades! But we did it in a week!”
I blinked and suddenly, I found myself in my bedroom—with sadly, books on my face. Thank god that wasn’t real! Al-Falih as my dad!? Haha! I must be hysterical!” I paused for a moment then continued, “Well, I can thank the “gods”!”

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?
- Vincent van Gogh

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