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Marimo Rolling Green Diary
Summary Puppet Master
“One's reality, might be an Other's illusion.
We all live inside our own fantasies.”


Until the curtains fall to a close and interrupt our dreams and rip us into a new world of twisted ‘passion’. In the a world where many of us were born into, grown within and built our experiences within, we all have a similar beginnings. A Greed that insists our sucklings mouths to latch onto something comforting. In this world its characters have grown accustomed and though some may not seem so, they all have become attached and embedded themselves in the world they either think of their own, they share, or he do not belong in. The Greed within them matures into a passion of their own, and scattered as they may be, they are all players in one Narrator’s play.

They are surrounded in a bustling city, infused with ranging tastes and scents, tantalizing sights and sounds as well as ones that pierce right through the core. There are 7 governing passions: Happiness, Fear, Shame, Mischief, Confidence, Rage and Loyalty, that are instilled in these people who are meandering in this dreamscape, their personalities a .clear sign of their commitment.

~*~ ACT I ~*~

In our first Act we are introduced to an omnipresent voice known as the Puppet Master, whose hands examine the world below him and select his players, whom have been maturing in the world created for them. With a wave of their hand a candle forms into a Player's piece for the upcoming Play.

To the first to be introduced is a slippery, smooth talking youngster, soothing the anxieties of a client in a cafe. A gentleman at first glance with dusty blond hair and striking blue-green eyes, this young man is later described as a ‘Monster’ by a comrade. Vernin along with his comrade Nick, a sweet-talking and charming dark brunette with a neat stubble with an ever changing tongue and sticky fingers, are men of the streets. One drifts along the streets under the thumb of his employer, the other mingles with the common folk as a low-end entertainer skilled at slight at hand and intel. The two are a comedic duo, though frequently displaying dislike for one another, the seem to parasitize off another in a mutual relationship and unable to pull themselves away from one another.

They are later accompanied by a dashing young woman, Amai. An aire of richness and wealth hovers around her along with the naivety of the city her family has made a fortune from. She makes her escape from her chaperone, who,unfortunately,quickly falls prey to a volatile dark haired and sharp-tongued punk.

With brass knuckles adorned on his fingers, Judas Stults quickly latches onto Amai chaperone and without a hint of remorse probably shows him Hell while Nick and Vernin steal or say...sweep Amai securely away in their arms by the back of a trolley, to show her the highlights of town.

Meanwhile Confidence takes refuge in a local cafe and is greeted by the tentative hostess, Cassie Shaw. She counted every little swipe of the cloth and revisiting every ritual; a Cup, a wipe, switch towel, pour, coaster, cup. Even down to the very dot on the note pad. Every order written, was like a printed pamphlet in the most delicate script.

A Pie.

A Pie was what Confidence ordered and Cassie Shaw complimented the order with a new pie for her opposite.

A few ways down the block sashayed the Lovely Russe Cowl, in all his beauteous Venus beauty, adorned with flowers at his every fingertips and gorgeous clear heels. Towering above all the other flowering ground cover, red hair bounced like the bells of a flower and smiling like the morning dew in the sun.

Stunning and aglow with Life. The City soon takes a turn, into a nightmarish meltdown like the Persistence of Memory. The jutting skyscrapers and tall apartments begin to deteriorate melting away. Building edifices slough down and the sun’s light devoured by a reddish overcast. Human faces and bodies drift off with a dark vapour. Out of all the city’s civilians only those empowered by one of the 7 Passions are swallowed by the crumbling world and brought to the Mudge Manor.

~*~ACT II ~*~

Its there where Cassie, Raevan, Russe, Judas, Amai, Nick, and Vernin find themselves with a burning sensation on their skins. According to the live marionette, their host,, later named Belle by Vernin, these are the marks given to them, indicating what Passion they are. Belle later explains to them that the game is like Hide-and-Seek, that they must find the Puppet Master, the marks burned onto their skins serve like a magical seal, providing them defenses and offenses during battles such as with the estate’s beast the Attercop. She also share with them what the Passions are: Rage, Shame, Happiness, Confidence, Mischief, Loyalty and Fear, she also notes
that their Passions act upon its own power and the countering Passion. Such as, Confidence will wield a weapon based upon Confidence, and a defense based on Shame/Fear and its strength dependent on the user’s emotional level.

She warns them that there had been others before them, however she has no memories of them, but that the residing beast is a sadistic ‘artist’, using the past players as its medium.

Belle leads the group into a room filled with the estrange and leaves to fetch some refreshments. During that time Vernin attempts to make introductions with this fellow, “team mates” without much luck. However he his disappointment is short-lived when a flowering houseplant begins to glow and reveal a message from their highly esteemed ‘Tatiana Mudge’.

The Letter reads:

To Whomever Reads This,

I would say welcome, but I fear you are in a deadly game and are not here by will. I am sorry about this, it is my entire fault, but, I will help you as much as I can. You have probably been told already the emotions that are inside of you that have caused you to be brought here and the help they can give you. Now, let me tell you about the rooms. There are six rooms on the first floor (not counting the library.) The rooms are under the Attercop’s control and being an artist they are made to be like that of paintings (historical, romantic, non-realism, perspective and so on.) You will have to maneuver your way through them while avoiding the Attocop, to do this just avoid webs and illusions (trust your instance while thinking critically.) The library can give you whatever information you seek, though some of the books are on other floors and can not come to you on the first floor. I also wish to tell you about the puppets they will give you advice if you run into them. But they may steer you in the wrong direction so be wary of them.

I pray for your safety the Head Mistress of the house,

Tatiana Mudge

PS: I know it is selfish of me but if you could also save my friends Christopher and Atticus I will forever be in your duet.

And it is here where we will begin ACT III.

“I want to know what passion is.
I want to feel something strongly.”
― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World


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