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Marimo Rolling Green Diary
The heavy edit
Jan 30, 2012

@_@ too much drama, helped Miz with her intro so no one will get banned. Heavily edited her intro. biggrin I love it -pride pride- Unfortunately I forgot to save a copy of her old intro. -_- anyway. I'm tossing the edited form for future reference if I ever decide to open my own Rozen RP First three paragraphs are mind. From the word "However" everything is heavily edited, all bolded parts are areas I really changed to add more emphasize or detailing. All purple is the original wording. Several sentences were taken out because they didn't work well, many new words were substituted for others or phrases, etc. @_ @ I'm tired. I hope Chai and Miz's mood improve soon.

Haven’t you ever dreamed of creating life? Has the idea ever struck a thrill and you erupted in chills? Well, allow me to tell you of a tale of a man…an Alchemist whose wish was to create Life. Not only to extend his own, but to plant the Seed of Life, to materialize a Soul from a Dream.

His dream of a perfect daughter.

It was with this dream that soon turned into obsession! He stripped himself as an Alchemist, and Academia, and titled himself as a Doll maker. A doll maker has become a wizard to our world. A mystical Dollmaker, who created 7 beautiful and stunning girls, to fulfill his wish, of creating Alice.

However…… each doll fell short of Her, but the man still cared for his creations and named them The Rozen Maidens.

Each doll was bestowed an artificial spirit that gave them life, and the characteristics that are so undeniably ‘Human’, this artificial spirit is known as the Rosa Mystica. And it would be with this, He would send his 7 girls into the un-expecting world and have them participate in the Alice Games; a brutal war where they would fight for each girl’s Mysticas to add to their own to create a single whole...where they could return home as the one and only daughter to their waiting Father. (father would sit and wait reworded sentence)

Unfortunately, humans are a (dragged into reworded to...) crucial factor to these Games, but they were not there to fight.... No. They are here to form a sacred bond and secure an oath with them, where they vow to protect and supply the energy the Girls need to survive.

And yet this story began centuries ago, and after hundreds of years of fighting, the first Alice Games finally (ended with no winner what so ever) came to a close; a standstill with no winner whatsoever. Depressed, the Doll Maker repaired those he could and made 3 new daughters to increase the chances of Alice being born. Now he waits and hopes that this time there will be a winner...

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