Reid is 17 years old; he was born in the lower quarter class citizens. Not really wealthy, his parents had no good paying jobs, getting around was bad, the population where he lived seemed to get worse and worse. He’s in really good shape for someone not earning a lot but that is because he works as a mercenary who takes on quest for the towns’ people who are too weak or busy with their everyday lives to do.
Recently from Reid’s past request, he has noticed a character that he seems to taken a fancy too. Usually she’s been getting in some quite accidental trouble because of her looks and bandits really like sell her off to the highest bidder. Reid has saved her countless times and it has been a lot so she has given him gifts and money but he doesn’t like taking her money. She didn’t like that so instead she gave him her phone number so they could hang out a few times when he is free, her name is “Aura” and she is part fox/human, age 16 and a big flirt to only Reid. Unlike Reid, Aura or Rachael is her real name; she lost her parents when she was really young, her mom died of an incurable disease and her father just up and left her behind. She is okay living by herself; her parents before they died were considered in the Upper Class Quarter. Not particularly rich but she has enough to sustain her for a couple years without even working.

One day Reid called Rachael deciding if she wanted to go out that day but she didn’t pick up her phone. Well it was earlier in the morning so he ventured over to her house but found a note on the door knob. It said: “Reid Harshall, if you ever want to see your beloved girlfriend ever again, I suggest you bring the Sulfur Stone to Arene Alley in 30 mins! We’ll be waiting for you and come alone or she’s dead!!”

It’s not like Reid didn’t teach Rachael how to defend herself but he always carries the Sulfur Stone with him so he raced to Arene Alley to go pick up Aura.

A few minutes later Reid arrives and finds Aura passed out beside a couple of trash cans. He rushes over to see if she is okay and not hurt but before he could get close to her, a click is set off and something over head is dropped.

“W-what’s going on here?”

“So you’re the infamous Reid Anima Harshall of Luine.” The mysterious character jumps off the roof top and lands in front of Reid. “Now hand me the Sulfur Stone and you and your little girlfriend can go free.” Reid paused but didn’t hand it over.

“So you refuse to hand it over?”

Reid starts to compress the Sulfur Stone in his hand harder and harder. “You have no idea what this stone does when it is used properly!”

The stranger didn’t hesitate to ask. “Oh I don’t?”
Reid grabbed the cage’s bar and crushed it into dust with any force, “No…You don’t know!”

“Names Delques, Shiji Delques to be formal.” Delques walked slowly towards Reid. “You’re a really strong person Reid, Cruze was right about you.” Reid wondered how he knew Cruze. “You’re wondering why I know Cruze? That’s a fairly simple question, say hello to his dear older brother Shiji!!”

Reid thought to himself. *Cruze doesn’t have a brother, he said he didn’t himself.* “Cruze doesn’t have a brother though!”

Shiji wasn’t surprised of this remark. I mean having an evil brother who he fights every time they meet is something you don’t tell others. “I’m not surprised. Cruze has that tendency to exile me from his mind. I’m far sexier than he is, smarter than he is; well he takes after our father but…” Reid interrupts. “You’re lying Shiji! “Reid crushed the Sulfur Stone into crystallized pieces but it wasn’t actually broken. The shards surrounded his arm and formed into a silver short blade. On his palm of
his hand was a colored jewel in the center.

“Oh you want to fight?” Shiji chuckled. “Honestly Reid I just wanted to meet you in person and see what kind friends Cruze hangs out with all the time.”

Reid didn’t believe him and took a step forward towards him but then all of a sudden he felt really drowsy. He couldn’t move after the first step he took, it was like he was frozen in time, breathing yes but non the less he couldn’t move. “W-what now! Why can’t I m-move my body, damn it!!!”

Shiji started to chuckle again. “What’s so funny?!” Reid shouted.

“You and Cruze act just alike you know that.” Shiji walks over to Aura. “So this is your girlfriend I presume.”

“Hey leave her alone!” Shiji recognized the voice. Cruze flew down from the top of the roof and dropped down on Shiji! “What the hell is wrong with you Reid, you’re slipping up again on protecting her!”

“Cruze shut up! What took you so long anyway?”

“Dear brother, I wasn’t expecting you to be here, I thought my guards had you preoccupied with guild work…”

“Something seemed very fishy when I noticed that I have time off this week and I was still getting guild work and besides I’m like a last minute replacement so they didn’t need me even if I did stay!”

“What the hell are you talking about Cruze?! You don’t own a guild! Since when did you come a last minute replacement?!” Cruze eyeballed Reid.

“Do you want my help or not Reid?!” Reid laughed. “That’s what I thought!”