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I decided to change what I had in here. I have fixed everything so that my RPC are in this journal feel free to look it up. I don't mind, but remember I worked hard on these characters.
Michael Corvin
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Name: Micheal De Von Corvin

Age: looks 20, real age: 1323

Race: Vampire

Bio/Personality: Micheal was born in Russia, so his accent is sometimes very hard to understand. The year he was born was 1723 and He was technically killed at the age of twenty. For the longest time he wandered around feasting on anything and everyone that he could get his hands one, but then he found a way to quench his thirst for human blood. Though he still feeds on humans he doesn't feed too much and when he feeds he makes sure not to have any kind of sexual act with his donor. Most Vampires would give their donors pure ecstasy that way but he refrained form doing that. It in creased his power. He became the most powerful newborn and only after three or four years.

For most of his life he was a duke but when he died he lost all of that so he moved on. He changed with the passing years and made sure to blend in at all costs. Humans never knew Vampires existed and it was good that they were so oblivious. The ironic thing about Micheal was that he was a Christian man. He was a follower of God. But due to his eternal damnation he forgot all the ways of his God and walked in darkness. He could've been seen as Satan himself, but because no one ever paid attention to him no one noticed. He was a dark being. And as much as he hated himself, he liked being a Vampire, though he couldn't go out in daylight.

Crosses and all that ridiculous crap about onions and all that jazz hurting Vampires doesn't apply with Micheal. No he's immune to those silly things. But the sun still harms him, so he can't walk out onto the street on a sunny day, but he can when it's raining. He walks among the living as if he were one of them, and due to his feeding habits his skin is not cold like other Vampires. Though if he goes too long without blood he does go back to being like one of them.

Micheal never obsesses, only because there is nothing to obsess about, but in his most recent years he's been getting a nagging feeling. hat was why he traveled to Japan. He's been every where else except there. He's willing to try new things so going Japan is one of those things.

Micheal is the kind of guy that every one wants. Or wanted in his case, although women still flock around him, which bugs him. Funny thing is he isn't a womanizer, he might've been when he was human but now he tries to stay away from women as much as possible except for when he feeds. And Micheal is special he can control shadows, and the people who they belong to, once or twice he finds the need to use his ability but he rarely uses it. He likes to seem human even though he isn't.

Other:Micheal, of course, hates the sun, and any kind of flame. He hates cocky people even though he can be that way sometimes. He also hates rude people. He likes people who are eccentric or different. They intrigue him, and sometimes he hangs around them until he knows what makes them tick. Though he doesn't obsess. He hasn't yet and he most likely never will.

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