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Woo! more typing! Eh....mabey not that enthusiastic abotu it. Clackity clack clak is all i do, for hourson end, but if it needs to be done, so be it.

Well, since my notebook has been malisoucly destroyed, i'm focusing my efforts on re-writing my book, from head to toe. When i started the book, i didnt have much experience. The details were choppy, the emotion was Void and the action lacked...action? All that is about to change, with all the re-vamping of my first chapter, its proven to be one fo the best chapters I've written so far...Enjoy!

I KNOW that many of you are still bleeding out your eyes trying to figure out what is going on in my book from the various chapters you've read, and you will continue to do so. I wont be posting my whole book on any website, s forget aobut it. i might post a few more capters but other than that its nothing. i want to have my fans buy the book one i get it published(If i ever get it done ) instead of getting a quick read from a website. Sorry guys!

Project List:

P1: The Progeitor Trilogy
Genre: Sci-fi, Fantacy, Action, Adventure, Romance
About?: two very unlucky friens who accidently awaken the most powerful force in the universe,The Progenitors. They want revenge, and the Ganonian Gods want to keep them from destroying the universe. Who's job is it to save all life? Tass and Alis's. A journey through a adventure of Epic perportions, Lives will be lost, sacrifices will be made, and one question will remain. Will they be able to defeat this threat and survive?

P2: TimeShift
Genre: Sci-fi, Fantacy, Action, Adventure
About?: An experiment dealing with time travel goes very wrong and throws the future and past together, and Rastarius, A midevil mercenary hellbent on killing the bandints who slaid his sister. an ancient threat from beond the very fabric of time will threaten all life on earth, and will force the two time frames to work together to save themselves from certain destruction. Will the past cope with the future, or will they start an aimless war? Find out in the "TimeShift" series!

Current Project: The Progenitor Trilogy
So far?: Tass and Alis narrowly escape death by the hands of a Progenitor swarm, but destroys "Raven's Haven" in the process. They get captured by the Progenitus, the band of rag-tag Progenitor rebels trying to defeat the massive enemy forces swarming across Gannon's surface. They call upon Tass and Alis's unique powers to help destroy a massive Progeitor armada. Will they prevail, or will they be defeated?

My Deviant Art: http://thetruecyberneko.deviantart.com/

Nerai Kentouken
Community Member
Nerai Kentouken
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