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Gamer's Rant #2: Superweapons

Omg i am fed up with this superweapon bull$#17. all they are are big guns that branless fools carry around so they dont have to think to win. Like the particle cannon from C&C3:tibwars. ok, so i am building up my army, quite big i might say, then i see in the upper left hand corner a flashing text reading "Particle Uplink Cannon:0:00" which can be translated into "YOU ARE EFFIN SCREWED" by the time i reach his base, he cut down the size of my force to 1/100th of what i was in a mere 3 seconds. whatever happened to the good 'ol full scale warfare, with tanks dukeing it out on the front lines and Migs in dogfights and infantry turing eachother into hamburger. now its all "KaBoom!!!" and your dead in 5 mins into the game. i remember when battles lasted for hours on end, now everybody just wants the fastest, most un-stratiegic battle. they call it "Wasting Time" its only wasting time if you don't know how to play and cant win against a true Stratigest. So Smeg you, Fast Noobs.

Nerai Kentouken
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