I am a tad sick, my dreams were very odd too.

1) I got stuck in a small town from a video game ( I think maybe Resident Evil 4 out in the rural forested areas of that game? ) I was chased by a pyscho with a large knife till I managed to trick them into following me into a enclosed room in a small outbuild which I locked them in an left them there.

I ended up walking to a large mansion/ castle an knocking on the large thick wooden doors but not being able to get in, so I searched for a way in. ( I never got in an the dream ended. )

2) I dreamed I had sat down in a folding chair looking down a big hill below where my parents live in real life, as I do I open a bottle of Coke a Cola an in the distance a Bright Flash happens....a Nuke went off. I watch the could rise an as I watch the fire hits burning up everything...I burn but a still watching...then the blast wave hits flattening everything for miles....Im squashed to the ground to as Im thown backwards. ( Dream ends as everything collapses an burns. )

3) ( Short Dream ) I see a mountain far away, Im hiking towards it with my backpackon my back an my doggo with me as we make way it gets dark an I set up camp.

A campfire burns, doggo sits/ lays with me I make coffee on the fire an sit in my small cot chair looking at a map of a trail to the mountain I saw earlier.