Still litte sick, coughing a little heat sucks tag a little extra lung meds. It will pass soon as Im doing better than yesterday.

1) Im in a mine, where I discover a cult of "Rock Worshippers" Im sneaking an watching trying not to get caught. I end up seeing thier God is a giant Quartz
Crystal thats so big it has to be priceless in value.

As I get away, I leave a note on the passage out, "Crazy Rock People, DO NOT ENTER" in big bold letters with a chalk stone from the mine floor.

2) Im a explorer with a lady an chubby guy friend exploring a lare crevass in the ground as I try to get my jeep strted I end up eating a sandwich the chubby friend gives me. Ham an two cheese sandwich.

I say "Might push the jeep in the creavass" when it wont start as I work o it. The lady tells me "No it will ruin the eviroment" I nod an tell her "I sas just joking about it."