Chapter 43: {After some debate I think this will be the last chapter. Due to stress and other things I just can't come up with anything else. Sorry if it falls short but I felt this would be the best way to end things.}

Evelyn smiles as she stands just outside of Dawnstar. Even at night watching the sea was still relaxing. It was far easier to get used to being a vampire then when she was a vampire. Artemis shuffles next to her. She always takes him to this spot every once in awhile, as a reminder of how much things have changed over time. He wasn't the most sentimental person there was but she could always manage to get him to agree to join her. As long as now ships were involved. Even after all this time he still wasn't a fan and only agreed to the one trip to give it a try. He did try so she'll give him that. She pulls him into her arms, neither one of them wearing armor since they were so close to the Sanctuary. "It's a shame we never did figure out what was effecting the dragons." It had been years now, but from time to time she still thought about it. Between the Legion, the Companions and herself they were forced to once again slay every dragon that had been brought back. She had decided to remain as a vampire for safety reasons. It's been working for her so far, it wasn't like she was missing much during the day. Artemis just lets out a low sound at this. He still doesn't like to admit he had been worried about her during that time.

She just chuckles as she holds him close to her. He doesn't say anything, but she can tell he's relaxed. then again he might be still grumpy over the fact their son ended up getting married to the very vampire that turned her. He still wasn't all to sure he was okay with the idea. But he kept his mouth shut. Also didn't help that now all four of her adopted children and had gotten married. He quickly became 'grandpa' and the look on his face had been priceless. What made it better was when he became 'grandpa Arty'. The endless death glare had been worth the laugh. She kisses his cheek lightly. "Still don't regret making a run for it when you could?" She smiles brightly. He lets out a low huff but shakes his head. "I was just thinking." She tilts her head to the side. "A simple choice lead me here." He pauses, but soon shakes his head. He had never been the type of person to think of the 'what ifs'. He just followed the path before him without much question. For the most part. He even was able to move past his hate toward Drizzt and the two had became more or less friends. They were even there when he became a father himself. The poor elf had thought Cattie-brie had been joking when he told him. Then fainted, the poor man had no idea it was even possible.

He never thought he would give parental advise. Things really have changed, more then he could really imagine. Even now when he thinks about it he had no idea he could even really be happy. It's not something he's ever really experienced. Sure his life had taken a weird turn, but he couldn't complain. It got him this far. He takes in a slow deep breath. "The sun will rise soon." She tilts her head at this. "We still have a few hours..." He rises his brow and she chuckles. "Ah, got you..." She wasn't going to say no to that offer. As she pulls back to head inside he takes one last look out to the ocean. He takes just a few seconds before he turns and joins her. The path before them was still unknown. They still had many years to look forward to after all. But no matter what he at least knew he didn't have to face that alone. He tightens his hold on her hand as they head inside. He would face the unknown, no matter what happened next.