Chapter 37:

Evelyn smiles as she trails her fingers over her husbands chest. Artemis just lets out a low sound as he holds her on his lap. her legs over his as she sits on top of him. His hands move over her legs slowly as he just lays against the headboard. He was still inside of her, but wasn't in any rush to remove himself from her body just yet. He was just enjoying the moment with her. A brief moment of quiet just for them. His hands move to her back, then back down. She leans forward as she kisses him lightly. One of his hands move as he places it on her cheek. As she moves back, his hand remains on her cheek. "What's on your mind?" He takes in a slow breath. "Still wondering when this dream will end." He had moments where he wondered if this was all just a dream. That he drowned and this was someone playing a joke on him. No one like him should be this lucky. She places her hand on his. "I didn't know what to make of this place when I woke. You of all people, the power you have..." He shakes his head slightly. "Everyone knows who you are and what you've done. I couldn't handle that. Sure back home people knew my name, but my name carried weight and stayed clear..." His grip tightens slightly as he thinks it over. So much had changed, but he was finally getting used to where his life had taken him. They stay like this for awhile, but as the sun started to ride they finally got out of bed and took a long bath. She dries herself off and checks on Adrian. He was awake, his little legs kicking as he looks up at her. "Hey there little man. How long have you been up?"

He just coos at her and she chuckles slightly. He seemed to be growing well and it was clear he had a mix color to his eyes. She picks him up to change and feed the boy. Artemis helps himself to some food in the kitchen as he sits himself down. They eat and soon make their way back to the castle. The good news was, both Castle Volkihar and the old Fort. They found signs that a strange group had been using both locations, for experiments. However the question remained on who these people were and just what their goal was. Sadly the people that had been used, where dead are far to gone to answer any questions. Tullius lets out a sigh as he looks over everything they've learned so far. "Well keep a few people at Castle Volkihar, and the Fort. But this doesn't answer who was behind this and where they went." Aela was pacing back and forth, she wanted answers. But so did Serana, she doesn't like knowing someone had been using her old home for something so horrible. Evelyn sits back as she thinks a few things over. "We should recheck some old hideouts." Aela turns to her. "What do you have in mind?" "Gallows Rock, Driftshade Refuge.." It takes only a second for Aela to know which places she was speaking of. "You think the Silver Hand has something to do with this?" Evelyn shakes her head slowly. "Not them, but a group trying to...take over where they left off. It's just a hunch...I have no way to prove it." It was a start at least and Aela turns to Drizzt. She doesn't have to ask the elf to join her.

"I'll take Isran to a few hideouts once had, just to be sure." Evelyn nods at this as the group soon splits. She lets out a low sigh as she looks at Tullius. "We'll set up some guards at the docks, doubt we'll find anything but you never know." "We'll keep a tight record of incoming ships." He soon talks to a few of his people and gets them going. All Evelyn can do was hope they can figure out what was going on and put a end to it before things get worse. It wasn't long before the castle was empty and she sits back, chewing on her nail. Artemis watches her, she only does this when she's thinking deeply. "I feel like there's more we should be doing.." she lets out a low sigh. It's hard to not join them in the fight. But she knows her son still needs her right now. Artemis leans forward a bit. "It wouldn't hurt to let others take care of things." "Aye, I know, its still hard you know?" She's so used to it, it's hard to remember there's others she can rely on. "I'm sure things will be fine, but I still worry." They were still her friends after all, she has every right to worry. She needs to get out of the castle. She tilts her head to the side and without a word they both sneak out without Tullius having a clue. She just chuckles slightly as they head toward the docks. "Think he'll be mad?" Artemis just shrugs, not really caring a bit. They found a quiet spot as she looks out to the open sea. Adrian just coos softly as she sits him in her lap. "Well he likes the ocean." Artemis just lets out a low huff.

Several weeks pass with not much to show for the effort. Whoever these people were left quickly without a trace. The Companions as well as the Dawnguard would remain on the look out for these terrible people. For the time being, they would keep quiet about the whole thing. No reason for anyone to start worrying. One day, a few months later, Evelyn was surprised to see Jarlaxle at her door. The elf looked like he was doing well as he sweeps into a low bow to her. She lets him in as he takes a moment to look around her home. He really shouldn't be all to surprised someone like her has something so fancy. He hears a light 'thud' and he looks down to see a little boy. "Well, he's gotten big.." Adrian was learning to walk, since then he's been getting all over the place. It's a good thing Evelyn doesn't really need to sleep so she keeps an eye on him. As for Adrian, who had gotten used to Drizzt, looks up at Jarlaxle. He just giggles up at him and waves his tiny hands. Jarlaxle couldn't help but chuckle and picks the boy up. "He's going to be quite the charmer." He glances around a bit. "Where is Artemis?" "He's out on a job." Now that Adrian is a bit older she can teleport herself back to Dawnstar. She had picked up a few contracts and gave one to Artemis because he needed something to do. "What brings you here?" Jarlaxle smiles wide as he hands over Adrian back to her and shoves his whole arm into his hat. Her brow rises, wondering how in the heck he pulls that off.

It takes him a minute or so, before he pulls out a strange looking cloak. She takes it into her hands, it shimmered in different colors. "Where did you get this?" "I made it, all Drow wear Piwafwi cloak." She pauses for a second. "A...what now?" "A Piwafwi cloak. I have one, Artemis had one. Not sure what happened to it." He gives her a helpless shrug. "It's for the little one." She gives him a strange look. "Why in the world would I give this to him?" "It's useful!" He gives her a bright smile. "What does it do?" She looks the cloak over, it did look interesting. "Lets just say it allows you to become invisible when hiding in shadows. In case he wants to follow in his fathers footsteps." She keeps giving him an odd look, but lets out a low sigh after a moment. "Thank you, I'm surprised you made this..." "Took me awhile to find the right cloth, had to travel a bit." He turns and starts to look around. "A rather impressive house you have here, right next to the ocean." Evelyn places Adrian somewhere he couldn't get into trouble. The boy giggles as he plays with his blocks Farkas made for him. "I have more...had, I sold most of my old homes the last few months. I hardly visit them any more. The only ones I kept were this one, the one in Whiterun, Windhelm and the one I built." She pauses and chuckles. "Though at this point it might as well belong to Lydia..." She watches the elf as he looks at some jars she had. He picks one up, looking it over. "You make potions?" "Aye." "Can you make poison's?" Her brow rises at him again. "Aye.." He smirks at this. "I knew there was a reason I liked you."

"Do I even want to know what you are up to?" He gives her an innocent look. "Nothing......yet, but when the time comes I know who to come to.." She just shakes her head at him slightly. He was an odd one, but he had his charm. Though even after all this time, she can still see why Artemis doesn't like him. He's a cocky man who thinks he can get anything he wishes. He uses his charm mostly to do so. As long as it was harmless she figures, and as long as she didn't know the details. "I'm surprised you here." She tilts her head at this. "Oh I don't mind taking it easy. Every once in awhile we take turns going out." She turns her gaze to Adrian, he was playing still. "Plus my insomnia has returned so it only makes since for me to watch him. I think at this point I'm used to it." He leans his head slightly. "Insomnia?" "I don't sleep. At first I thought it was just my habits. I'm starting to realize it kind of goes deeper." Jarlaxle isn't to sure what to say to that, but she seems to be doing just fine regardless. His gaze turns to the boy. "So is he talking?" She shakes her head. "Not yet, but he's working his way into trying to get into everything. Kids got sticky fingers, but all the dangerous stuff is out of reach." Jarlaxle can't help but laugh at this. "He might just make a good thief, who knows, the boys got a long life ahead of him." "We're still not sure if Artemis being part shade will have any effect on the kid." Jarlaxle walks over, getting a closer look at the boy. He looked normal, skin, eyes, hair. So there was a chance the boy could live a normal life as well. Which meant his parents would greatly outlive the poor thing unless he became a vampire, or a shade like his father.

Evelyn was busy cleaning up the house. So Jarlaxle takes the boy and sits with him on the floor. The boy just stands and giggles up at him. He holds the boy by his hands to make sure he didn't fall over. Jarlaxle didn't really have experience with children. But he felt a strange bound with the boy. Maybe it was because of how long he traveled with Artemis. He even gives the boy the cloak. The boy just giggles more at this, seeming to enjoy the attention. The door opens as Artemis walks in, looking rather tired. "Jobs done....." He rises his brow when he sees Jarlaxle holding his son. He just smiles brightly, still holding the boy. "Welcome home." He looks down at the boy. "Say hi to your da~" The boy just giggles as he slowly lets go of Jarlaxle and waddles his way over to Artemis. He picks him up, looking him over. "Where did the cloak come from?" "I made it for him...oh wait!" He goes into his hat again, and pulls out a smaller one. A small-brimmed black hat. " kept that thing?" "Of course, it's still a useful item my friend." Artemis had thrown it at him in a fit of anger when he left Jarlaxle behind. Jarlaxle holds out the tiny hat and places it on the boy. Adrian just blinks and soon starts to gurgle softly. "I think he likes it~" Artemis lets out a low sigh. "Why are you here?" "What, I can't drop by and say hello?" He tilts his head slightly. Artemis just lets out a low grumble. "I know you far to well, you show up when you want something.." Jarlaxle is still smiling however. "I just wanted to see the little one, really I swear." Artemis lets out another sigh, he was far to tired to deal with this right now. But Jarlaxle soon shrugs. "Alright, I can take a hint, I'll stop by again. He dips into a sweeping bow and leaves.

Evelyn soon makes her way to the entry and looks around, wondering what she missed. She walks over to Artemis and takes the boy. "What's with the new hat?" "Jarlaxle gave it to him. I used to own it when I traveled with him. But I threw it at him when we parted ways." He just shakes his head as he makes his way upstairs. She chuckles softly as she follows after him. "I take it you're far to tired for this crap right now?" He sits on their bed, removing his boots. "Whatever gave you that idea...?" "You get snippy when you're tired." He narrows his eyes at her, but she just holds up her free hand. "Just saying.." She turns her gaze at Adrian, who was simply holding onto her. "Well at any rate, you get some rest." She walks over to him and kisses the top of his head. He just lets out a low grumble as he works to remove the rest of his armor. He still used the armor she had made for him. He made no other changes to the armor since she enchanted his gauntlet to work the way his other did. She turns to leave and Adrian pokes his head over her shoulder. "Da.." She almost trips as she stops and looks down at the boy. "Well, now you speak." He just giggles and waves his tiny hands at Artemis. She rolls her eyes and hands over the boy. Artemis takes him into his arm and chuckles helplessly. Adrian just holds onto him. "I think he missed you." "Whatever gave you that idea..." It was a strange feeling, having his son call out to him. He really didn't expect such a thing. But he just lays back on the bed, holding the boy to his chest. Evelyn just smiles at the both of them and makes her way back to the main floor of the house.

Artemis ends up taking a bit of a rest with his son. He wakes up a few hours later, the house smelling of food. His stomach rumbles and he slowly gets up. Adrian was resting against him quietly, just holding onto him. Artemis lays his hand on the boys back, closing his eyes for a second. After a minute he gets up and makes his way downstairs. Evelyn had cleaned the house a bit and made something to eat. She looks up and smiles up at him. "I made..." She blinks and looks outside. "Breakfast....well s**t.." She had no idea how much time had past, she hadn't really been keeping track. "Insomnia sure is a b***h..." Artemis rises his brow at her. "Should we really be swearing in front of the boy?" She gives him a surprised look, before glancing at the boy. "He's going to learn it anyways. Doubt he understands a word of it." He just shakes his head and sits down to eat. "Besides he's asleep, kid gets more sleep then I do." She joins them as she sits down. After a few minutes Adrian does seem to wake up and starts to fuss slightly. Artemis struggles a bit to calm him down, and Evelyn takes the boy. "Shh, it's okay.." He sniffs and leans into her. "You okay buddy?" He just lets out another sniff as he leans into her. "Great, he gets nightmares....didn't think that would be a problem." She lets out a low sigh. "I really hope this passes, Gods know he doesn't need all the bad crap I go through." She used to have visions, but they had stopped finally. Adrian calms down after a minute or so and she tries to get him to eat something. He was more then happy to eat anything she made. "At least he's not a picky eater." Though like most kids food mostly got on his face, not in.

After a minute or so she turns to Artemis. "So details, how did the job go?" He leans back in his chair. "Took me awhile to track down who I needed to kill. Spent some time watching them, then waited till night. He had the same routine, go out, get some water from the well." She smirks at this. "Ahh, nice work." He just rolls his shoulders a bit. "I made sure to only poison the bucket he used, then burnt it so no one else would be able to." They continue to talk, all the while feeding Adrian, then herself. At one point she lets him hold his own fork and he just chews on it. She shrugs a bit, allowing him to figure it out. She gets up after awhile to clean up and Artemis joins her, She just smiles and kisses the top of his head. He just lets out a low grumble. "Ma!" They both turn to see Adrian still sitting on the table. he giggles as he reaches out for her. She turns to Artemis and he just tries to hide a smirk. "Oh hush." She picks up the boy and sits him on the floor. "Go play." He giggles and soon runs off. "You think that's a good idea?" "At worst he finds his way downstairs, he's already discovered the bath. Don't worry I have it blocked now because he likes to see how far he can lean in.." She shrugs a bit and wraps her arms around her husband. "Don't worry, he'll be fine." He just lets out a low sound and leans into her slightly.