It's dark. My jaw feels numb and cold. There's quiet, intense mumbling in the distance. A whiff of a something metal and something rancid hangs in the air. I open my eyes, blinking rapidly to adjust to the too-intense fluorescent lights. I'm suddenly aware of the ice pack pressed against my cheek. There are some people a few feet away. Beside me, the floor is smeared with some sort of rust-coloured liquid.


"Yuki?" I groan, pushing myself off the ground. I try to look around, but it's dizzying. I pick up the ice pack and press it against my face.

"She's awake!"

Character Names (TBE)
M/C - Arin Howard
Annie Torres
Nik Salinger
Jace Laine
Min Hyuk Choi
Yuki Abe-Novik