I hear the scuffle of shoes against the linoleum floor, and someone gently places their hands on my shoulders. Annie's concerned expression filters into my light of sight.

"Arin! Thank goodness you're okay. It was good that you called us. The cohort's here, and Nik says we're going to help." Annie says, her voice quavering despite her determined expression.

Over Annie's shoulder, I see Nik and Jace talking to a janitor. At their feet lies Sam's lifeless body, soaked in both Yuki's and his own blood. The knife innocently sits a few inches away. The sight of the glittering blade sends an uncomfortable shiver through my body. I unclench my right hand. The weight of the handle is still too familiar.

I see another figure. Yuki looks much paler than earlier, but she's managed to restrict the bleeding by fashioning a bandage out of her cardigan's sleeve. My eyes meet hers, and for a moment she smiles ever so faintly. I watch her slowly hobble over to Jace, who slings an arm around her waist and leads her away.

"Where's Min Hyuk?" I ask Annie. "Didn't you say the whole cohort was here?"

As if on cue, I hear an awful retching sound from the opposite end of the hallway. The poor boy is in the process of not-so-gracefully emptying the contents of his dinner into the trash can.

"At least it's not on the floor," the janitor mutters, "I've already got enough to clean up."