Chapter 26: { wahmbulance }

Evelyn stands in her room, getting the robe on. She looks over the notes she made. She can't wear anything but the robe for this to work. Which meant removing her amulet. It made sense of course, why would Sithis want other Gods to interfere. So she was standing there, holding her amulet. She doesn't take it off, it means far to much to her. Artemis enters the room, seeing her just standing there looking at her amulet. She never removes it, even when they make love. Which he doesn't mind he knows how much it means to her. But she seems at a loss and he slowly walks over. "Something wrong?" "In order to do the ritual the only thing I can wear is this robe..." She shuffles a bit as she still holds onto her amulet. He moves closer as he places his hand on her neck. She relaxes a bit as he slowly removes the amulet, and slips it on himself. "I'll keep it safe." She smiles brightly as she pulls him in, kissing him lightly. "Thank you..." She takes a step back, fixing the robe. It's so smooth, it clings to her body, but it remains open. Showing her body, so he takes a moment to look her over. "Does it look good?" He just nods slowly, not saying a word, but she knows that look in his eyes. Whenever he gets aroused, his eyes go pure black. She can't help but smirk as she makes sure the door is closed before leading him to her bed. He takes no issue to following her lead. She just keeps her eyes on him as she helps him out of his clothes.

She stays in the robe however as she lays him back on the bed. She just places herself on top of him, kissing him deeply. He's enjoying this far more then he thought he would. There's just something about that robe that strangely turns him on. He places his hands on her legs, moving them up to her hips. Once she made sure everything had been removed before she straddles him. He grunts slightly as she moves over him, rubbing against him. He shutters at this as she takes her time before sliding onto him. She doesn't bother moving slowly, not this time. He grips her tightly as he rolls his hips quickly against her. She holds onto the bed, leaning over him slightly as she moves with him. She tilts his head to the side, kissing at his neck. He shivers again at this, moving his hands to her back. She's careful as she sinks her teeth into his neck, leaving a slight love bite. He actually moans at this as she looks into his eyes. His eyes are still pure black, she guesses it's their more natural color. "Enjoying yourself?" He just tightens his grip on her as he soon moves and flips her. She lets out a low gasp as he quickly takes control. Seems that answered that question. He wraps her legs around him as he leans over her, thrusting quickly into her. She pants deeply, leaning her head back. His hips snap quickly against her, making her eyes roll back slightly. At one point she even moans out his name as she hits her climax. He shutters inside of her as he quickly follows after her.

They both just lay there for a moment, panting deeply. She takes a slow deep breath as she places her hand on his cheek. "Think I should do this more often?" He just narrows his eyes slightly as she chuckles softly. "Okay, I'll be nice.." He just holds her close for awhile before slowly moving away. There's a bit of a mess on the robe, but she can clean it up real quick. "I hope no one will notice." She cleans up real nice before making sure she looks collected. "There, no one will know a thing." He takes a minute to fix his hair. "So just how will this work?" "Well, we have a door, all I really need to do is use the gem and go from there." She holds out a small stack of notes. "I got it all written down everything. It'll make more sense once we get started." There's a knock at her door and she opens it to see Cicero. "They're here, they brought the door." She nods and heads out, with Artemis following after her. It's the same door that once lead into the Sanctuary in Falkreath. Cicero had set everything up for her. He got the candles, and flowers. He really knows what he's doing. Which she appreciates, he's always so helpful. They even found just the right spot for this. She holds a black soul stone. She always has a few extras she finds laying around. She may not make them, but they're still useful. "Now gather, Children of the Void, to give life to a new beginning. We offer this poor soul to the Dread Father, to become one with the darkness. Now, when asked, What is the color of night. Answer thusly, Sanguine my brother." It was an old phrase she found within the text. It seems to work, the gem shatters and the door glows slightly. She stands there for a moment and it was clear it worked like a charm.

"Not bad Listener." Babette smiles as the same group brought the door, took it back out to be placed at their new hideout. "I'm just glad that worked. Had no idea that's what it took. But now we can make sure what happened back in Falkreath doesn't happen again. I can give this information to our other Brothers and spread out, taking back what we lost." Cicero can't help but hug her tightly. Artemis is two seconds away from killing him because under that robe she's very naked. But the jester means well and lets her go to go clean up the mess. She makes a copy of her notes and hands it to a young woman. The intestate takes the notes and follows after her family without a word. Again half these people she doesn't know. They're just a part of the family. She makes her way back to her room to put on some proper clothes. Artemis stops her however to return her amulet. She smiles warmly as she takes it back. "Thank you.." She holds it in her hands for a moment. "It's silly, isn't it, to hold onto it like I do?" He takes a minute to say anything. "No, it means something of value. It once belonged to someone, no it's yours." She turns to him as she places her amulet around her neck. "I barely remember him at times. I just have this blur of a man. His smile, how he talked to me, I remember he was handsome. He was killed, for trying to keep us safe...then my mother." She looks down slightly as she closes her eyes. "Sorry." "Don't be." She moves to take the robe off, but he stops her once again. "Keep that on for a few hours." She smirks at him a bit. "You're impossible you know that?" She giggles softly as she makes sure her door is locked for awhile. Seems he wasn't quite done with her yet.

By the time it was noon she was starting to get hungry. So she quickly gets dressed before Artemis could stop her again. She makes sure to wash the robe again before folding it up and giving it back to Cicero to put away. "Keep that close, we may need it again." He nods and places the item back in the chest he found it in. "I'm just glad I found these notes, other wise I would have never known how to fix these things." She points at the direction of the door. "A bit strange we didn't have this information on hand." Cicero looks down, digging his boot into the dirt. "We might have, but most of our homes were burned down. So Cicero thinks they were lost." She places her hand on his shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. "It's okay my friend, it's not you're fault. We have the information now so that's all that matters." She plans to get something to eat and make her way back to Whiterun. She just wants to make sure nothing is on fire yet. She leans back in her chair as she eats, Nazir next to her as he looks at the notes she wrote. "You said you found this at the Collage?" "Aye, Urag said someone must have left it behind." He runs his figures through his beard. "Is the original still there?" "Aye...think I should take it?" "Might be a good idea, this way no one else can get their hands on it." She didn't think to take the old journal. She'll think of something to tell the old Orc. For now, she just wants something to eat. She's been going without food for hours with how busy she is. Nazir just goes back to what he was doing, shaking his head slightly. After lunch she grabs Artemis and makes her way to Whiterun. She teleport to the Collage first, to get her hands on the journal. Now that she knows where it is, she just steals it without notice.

Once she has the book she heads for the Hall of Countenance. She finds the orb that leads to Whiterun and holds up a soul gem. Artemis just holds onto her and before he can blink. They were there, outside, by the gate. He lets her go as she makes her way to Jorrvaskr. To her surprise, she sees Kharjo, his tail moving slowly as he talks to Drizzt. The poor man was still getting used to the races here. He was caught of guard when he saw a talking cat just walking around. So they had been sitting outside the mead hall, just talking. Drizzt was leaning a lot from the man, about his race and where his people came from. Kharjo looks up and smiles. "Warm welcomes friend. Kharjo was just talking to...Drizzt?" He wanted to make sure he said that right due to his accent. The elf nods, telling him he got it right. "He has never seen a Khajiit before." Evelyn feels a bit bad for not better preparing him. "I'm sorry for not warning you." Drizzt shrugs his shoulders at this. It's a bit strange, but he can get used to it since they visit the town often to trade. But at least he seems to be doing alright. "I hate to ask, where's Jarlaxle?" Drizzt looks up, then looks around. He hasn't seen the elf that day. She pinches the bride of her nose. "Great, this man is going to cause me to go gray." She turns and heads inside to make sure everything was going well. The kids were behaving themselves for a change. Vilkas was making sure they did their work. Learning basic reading skills and other things. It was boring sure, but it was important. Other then that, everyone was doing what they should be doing whenever she's not around.

Artemis does his own thing, when he runs into Jarlaxle. He had been more or less been poking around, gathering information on his own. When he sees Artemis he smiles wide as he makes his way over. He notes the marks on the mans neck and smiles even more. "Someone got lucky." Artemis glares at him. "Shut up." Jarlaxle does no such thing as he remains close. "I couldn't help but notice your new lady friend carries Charon's Claw." Artemis lets out a deep sigh. "I let her have it. She handles it better." Jarlaxle rises a brow at him. "I see." Artemis snaps finally and slugs the elf. Jarlaxle hits the ground hard as Artemis grabs the front of his tunic. "It's your damn fault! If it hadn't been for you I wouldn't be like this! But no, you had to interfere like you always do!!" Jarlaxle winces at this, Artemis isn't half wrong. He slowly rises his arms slowly. "My friend...." "Don't you dare call me that! Not after the hell you put me through!" Jarlaxle winces again at this as he slowly pulls himself away from the angry assassin. "I understand you're angry with me. I am honestly sorry what the flute did...I had no idea it would have such an effect on you." Artemis takes a deep slow breath as he tries to calm himself. "I had everything under control..." Jarlaxle dusts himself off slightly as he rubs the back of his neck. "I just wanted to help." Artemis lets out another sigh at this. "You have a s**t way of helping. Whatever, we can move on as long as you never pull a stunt like that again." It's hard to stay angry at him. After all, Jarlaxle is one if only the few friends he has to rely on. That and they have a lot of history.

"I swear I'll never do such a thing again." Jarlaxle holds up his hand to this. "So, are you going to give me details?" Artemis shakes his head and walks the other way. "Hey, I'm asking as a friend!" Jarlaxle quickly follows after him. Drizzt looks up from where he was sitting. Artemis says nothing as he storms inside the building. Jarlaxle just huffs as he lowers his arms. "There's just no winning." Drizzt shakes his head at his fellow Drow. "You pick the wrong battle." Jarlaxle rubs his chin as he thinks it over. "You think so, maybe I should try a different approach." He turns and slowly makes his way inside as well. Drizzt wonders why he hangs around for this nonsense. Evelyn blinks when she heads to the main sitting area to see Artemis doing his best to ignore Jarlaxle. "Alright leave the man alone." Jarlaxle turns to her and makes his way over to the woman. "Fine I'll get my information from her." Artemis just crosses his arms at this. Evelyn does the same, wondering what in the world she just walked into. Jarlaxle ignores all the looks as he slowly makes his way over to her. He tries to place his arm around her shoulder, but she's to tall for him to do so. Instead he just leans close to her. "I'm just wondering what your relationship with Artemis is. I mean, I can only guess." He gives her a rather lewd look as she rolls her eyes at him. "Grow up, what I do is none of your concern." He pouts slightly at this, normally his charms can work on anyone. Maybe he was losing his touch. "Go find something useful to do for crying out loud." Jarlaxle slumps as he slowly heads off outside.

Vilkas can't help but snickers slightly. "I half expected him to say yes mother." She places her hands on her hips. "Hey...I didn't sign up to parent grown adults. But damn it I will." Vilkas is shaking his head at her, but is laughing. She does have a way with people, even if she may approach things differently. Once things calm down a bit she sits herself down. She pulls out the journal and starts to go over it again. She could learn a lot from this old book. Might as well take advantage of it. Though she wish who ever wrote this, put their name on this book. She had no idea who wrote it, and why they left it behind. Aside from the ritual the author wrote down other things that had happened in the far past. It's still hard to tell just how old this is without any dates. "The book looks like it's about to fall apart." She looks up to see Vilkas taking a sit next to her. "It was left behind at the Collage. Urag let me borrow it to see if I can figure out who wrote it. So far, no luck, I can't even tell how old it is.." She shrugs a bit and carefully places it back in her bag so he didn't try to look closer. "What I did learn is that he was a mage. Or...they, and they were studying the blood moons of the past. I think it's kind of interesting there hasn't been one in...ages." Vilkas scratches at his chin. When he was a werewolf, he used to carefully study the moon cycles. Not so much anymore, but it is rather interesting. "I never noticed, but aye it's been quite the age since there's been a blood moon."

She crosses her legs as she gives it more thought. "I wonder if anyone placed a date on the last time it happened. It's so strange." After a minute or so she shrugs her shoulders. "I guess it's not to important. We're not werewolves anymore." She made sure no one was listening to their conversation. "Still, it's an interesting study." Vilkas adds in and glances up to see Artemis not far, leaning against a pillar. "He's watching you." She chuckles softly. "I think he's becoming over protective. But he seems to be doing better. But he'll struggle for awhile. He's had a hard life." Vilkas lets out a low grunt at this as he slowly rises. "As long as you know what you are getting into." She just smiles up at him. "I think I'll be just fine. But thank you for the concern." He nods and wonders off to go join his brother. Artemis pushes away from where he was standing and joins her. "Well it's nice to see things are going so well." He rises his brow at her. "Well nothings on fire so that's always a plus." He lets out a low huff to cover a small laugh. "Are you handling this okay?" He gives her an odd look but nods. "I'm fine. I'm willing to...move on. Jarlaxle is here rather I like it or not. And for the most part he's not causing to many problems. That we know of." She hangs her head a bit. "Ugg, when did I become in charge of so many people?" She rubs the back of her head. "You care to much." Her mouth twitches as she smiles. "Aye, I can't help it." She reaches over and kisses his cheek. He scowls and rubs his face as she giggles at him.