Chapter 24:

Evelyn isn't sure what to do with Jarlaxle, but for now she puts her focus on Drizzt. When Artemis came back in, she headed out to go check on him. Drizzt was looking around the yard before he turns his eyes on her. "Artemis says I can join you and your people." She smiles at him warmly. "Of course, with your skills you'd be a welcome addition." She pauses as she taps her chin. "We normally give jobs to see what people are capable of. But you don't know the area well. Not that you can get lost, but I would still bad." She's not even really sure what kind of job to really give the guy without insulting what he's capable of. "But we can work on that later. Take some time and collect yourself. I can't imagine how hard this might be." He gives her a grateful look. He digs into his pocket, holding Guenhwyvar. She tilts her head slightly, seeing the sadden look in his eyes. "What's wrong?" "We had to travel the Astral Plane to get here. My friend called it home, but I fear I've lost her.." Evelyn holds out her hand and he slowly hands it over. She looks at the tiny statue over, it's the same Artemis has, only it's a panther. "I'm not familiar with this Astral Plane. But Artemis has something similar." Though she has never really asked how it worked. She looks at the figurine closely. She can still feel a bit of magic in the item. "How does it work?" "Just call her name." She nods and holds it out. "Guenhwyvar." It seems to take a few minutes, but after awhile smoke starts to form around her and take form of a large panther. Guenhwyvar sniffs at her, then turns to Drizzt, he pounces on the cat and Guenhwyvar licks at his face. Seems they've been apart for some time.

Drizzt is so happy he's in tears. She hands him back the figurine. He's close to hugging her as well. "Thank you.." She bows her head to him. "I'm thinking this plane might have some connection to Oblivion. Not really all that sure, but I could feel a bit of magic still lingering. So you shouldn't have any issue summoning her again." He's so happy, he really thought he had lost the last real friend he had. "She's been with me since the very start of my journey." He lays his hand on the cats head, rubbing her ears. After a moment or so he turns his gaze to her. "So how did you and Artemis meet?" "He was on a ship, I think it got caught in a magical disturbance. Anyways, I was near the shore when I felt something strange. The ship came out of nowhere and sank, quickly. He was the only one I was able to pull out." That explains a bit, well it explains a few things. "I take it he's told you everything." She gives him a slight nod. "I know enough, what he put you and your friends through. But I'll uh...leave you two to sort that out." She's not about to get into the middle of all that. "I'm just trying to figure out how you've welcomed an assassin in your group." He has a point there, the Companions would lose their crap if they knew. "He's not a Companion and I'm not about to ask him to change. That's really on him. I have other places I run where he's...more welcomed. I'm not one to judge people. We all make poor choices when we're young. Gods' know I have." She's not about to open that box.

"You care about him." She blushes slightly as she gives him a small shrug. "I care about a lot of people. But you can say that." His not sure what to think, but maybe it's a good thing. "The only thing you really need to know is almost everyone knows me. Most people refer to me as Dragonborn. I already had to explain that to Artemis, so I'll explain it to you. All it means is that I have the blood and soul of a dragon. When I slay a dragon I can absorb their soul and use their powers." Drizzt looks at her with wide eyes. He did not expect her to tell him this. But it was out of a mutual respect so he's not caught of guard. "But you're not actually a dragon." She shakes her head. "Not physically a dragon. But from what I was told, I was a actual dragon. It's hard to explain really I'm still trying to coupe with it all." She shakes her head at this. "At any rate, I'll show you around, Whiterun isn't the largest place there is. But it'll give you a chance to get used to it." She understands well enough this can be overwhelming. So she's not going to push him, much like she did with Artemis. Drizzt seems fine with this as she shows him around Jorrvaskr first. As they make their way around the town he's on edge for a bit. But after a few minutes he relaxes. No one is harassing him, giving him heated looks. He gets few glances, but nothing outside of people being curious. All in all it's no different then any place he's been to before. People doing their daily routine. Though a few people show her respect as she passes, mostly the guards. For the first time in ages he can just relax. After a few minutes of walking, she turns to him. "I'm kind of curious, where did you get your blades?" she's been eying then for a few minutes.

He points to one that seemed to glow when she came near. "This is Icingdeath, I stole it from the horde of an ice dragon." Both her brows rise at this. "Really, so what about the other one?" "That's Twinkle, I got that as a gift from a wizard named Malchor." She takes a closer look, as close as she could get. "I don't think Icingdeath likes me." "It was forged to deal with fire." She lets out a low. "Ohhh, so wait it knows I can breath fire?" Drizzt just shrugs, a large smile on his face. "No fire breathing, got it." She turns and shows him the rest of Whiterun before heading out. The area was far wider then he thought. The only thing he sees is farmland and trees. It's nice, it kind of reminds him of home in a way. Though it's a shame Cattie-brie couldn't be there to join him in this new journey. He shakes the thought out of his head, there's little he can do. "A lot of people here show a good deal of respect for you." She tilts her head at this. "Ever since I killed a dragon that attacked the nearby watchtower the guards have been grateful. It's how I learned I was Dragonborn. We, more or less are put on Nirn for one purpose, to deal with Alduin when he showed up. I came into Skyrim just as he showed up." There's a lot she's going to have to tell him to catch him up. Mostly things she's already gone over with Artemis. "Don't worry in time it'll start to make more sense over time. I promise." She places her hand on his shoulder as they walk around. After showing him around a bit she decides to bring him back to Jorrvaskr. She's slightly surprised to see Artemis is putting up with Jarlaxle. Though she's surprised he's even here.

He didn't seem like the type of guy that would want to stick around. That and she's very sure Artemis is close to punching him. Still there's an old verse, keep an eye on your friend. Keep a closer eye on your enemy. The elf looks relaxed however as Artemis just looks the other way. He is at least explaining things to him as Jarlaxle listen closely. After all Jarlaxle is the type to survive by learning everything he can. It's what got him this far in life. The other Companions were asking questions now on how they got here and what their home is like. Jarlaxle is enjoying being the center of attention. So Artemis seems to have given up for the most part as he slowly walks over. "Remind me again why he's still alive." She lets out a low sigh but smiles. "Well if he tries anything, he's not going to get away with it. So keep that in mind. Also remember I'm free to use my Unrelenting Force if he does do something stupid." This seems to do the trick as he smirks at the idea of her slamming him against the wall, because he knows she can. He shuffles when he looks at Drizzt before lowering his gaze. Things where going to be strained between them. But her friends welcome the two new additions to the group like it was nothing. Like always, Farkas was the first to make friends with Drizzt. Jarlaxle has already made himself home here, he may as well make the best of this. Drizzt turns to her after a moment. "So how did you become Harbinger?" "It happened after Kodlak had been killed. Our axe, Wuuthrad had been stolen." She points to the axe on the wall. "In the prosses we found the shield, but it was agreed I would take Kodlak's place. It would have been Skjor, but we lost him as well."

She wasn't going to say out loud the real case. After all it was a well known secret the Circle members had once been werewolves. Only Aela was left, but she was fine with that choice. She had long became one with her wolf and looked forward to being with Skjor once again. "I didn't mind, after all I had the experience after running the fighters guild for as long as I have." Everyone rises a mug to her as she smiles wide. "This was just before I had to deal with Alduin.." Jarlaxle tilts his head at this. "Sounds like a dragon." "He was a dragon.." She goes into the story behind Alduin, how Miraak was meant to be the one to deal with him. But went on a different path. So a small group of warriors, who learned the Way, fought against Alduin. But only the Dragonborn could kill the almost Godly dragon. So without anyway of actually killing the beast. The hero's of old were forced to use a Elder Scroll and sent Alduin forward in time. Of course, there would be no telling when Alduin would return, but he would at some point. Evelyn being the one to fight the dragon and win. Jarlaxle is on the edge of his seat the whole time. "You're quite the hero." He glances at Artemis, only to see the man is giving him a death glare. Jarlaxle ignores it, for now. "But you didn't take Alduin's soul. I find that interesting." She gives him a shrug. "I think he was to powerful, or maybe Akatosh had other plans. He did create Alduin. But that's on the Gods now and it's one less thing to worry about." Drizzt was quiet the whole time she spoke. To go up against something like that, alone must had been terrifying. She survived, which only proved how tough this woman really was.

A few people start to take notice of a large panther in the building. Vilkas frowns a bit when he sees the large cat. "Why is there a wild animal in here?" Drizzt turns his gaze to the Nord. "Guenhwyvar is my friend, she's not wild." "She's magic Vilkas, I know we normally lean toward wolves, but panthers are just as majestic." He seems unsure about this, but he slowly nods, Farkas of course the first to pet the large cat. Drizzt tilts his head till he figures out he's looking at twins. Jarlaxle watches it all with passing interest. This place really is interesting, the people, the history. He doesn't have his connection to fall back on. But he can always make a new network. Maybe in time he'll go to this 'Morrowind' and find people like himself. Only time will tell, and he has all the time in the world. Jarlaxle soon turns his gaze back to Evelyn. Again Artemis seems to give him a warning look to not try anything. He holds up his hands and gives up. He never thought Artemis could be like this with someone. Evelyn must mean a good deal to him then. Aela is next to get a closer look at Guenhwyvar. She smiles as she runs her fingers under the cat's chin. "I for one welcome the change. It might be good to have a hunting cat around. Be good for when bandits like to try and hide." She smiles warmly at Guenhwyvar. The panther sniffs at her, but remains calm. Drizzt shuffles a bit when Aela comes near. She looks a bit wild, but he can't help but think of Cattie-brie. It's the hair more then anything. Still as Drizzt looks around the room it warms his heart to see how much they care for one another. Well there's one woman off to the side sulking but the way others act this is normal.

"Wow, I've never seen a cat that big before." Lucia is the first to brave getting close, Sofie right behind her. Drizzt doesn't have a great deal of experience with children. But he smiles nonetheless. "She's a panther, and a dear friend of mine." Lucia is the first to pet her. "She's so pretty~" Both Blaise and Alesan are watching from afar for now. "Where are your parents?" Drizzt is surprised to see children in a place like this. Sofie looks down and sniffles as Lucia looks down as well. "We don't have parents, we were orphan's until mama took us in~" Drizzt tilts his head, but Lucia just points to Evelyn. Surprised he looks at Evelyn as she just shrugs helplessly. "I have a soft spot for kids. Figured I never have any of my own so why not? Plus it got them off the streets." It takes a lot to open a home to four children. But Evelyn not only gave them a home, but a chance to make something of themselves as they got older. Lucia moves closer to Drizzt, looking him over. "You're skin is so dark, but your hair is pretty." Drizzt snickers at this. Children are often innocent in their observation. "I'm a Drow, I know that word my not mean much here. But it makes me different from the elves you're familiar with." Lucia looks up at him as she tilts her head to the side. "Your eyes aren't red." Sofie takes a look as well. Evelyn covers her face slightly. "Alright children that's enough. If I remember correctly there's chores that need to be done." They all shuffle away, looking rather disappointed.

"Sorry..." Drizzt shakes his head. "I took no offence, they're children curious about the world around them." It honestly didn't bother him at all. As night came around she offered a spot for Drizzt to sleep. Jorrvaskr still had plenty of open beds after all. she even offered one to Jarlaxle as a peace offering. To more or less make sure he stays out of trouble. For now at least, but being elves they didn't really need rest, but Drizzt was still thankful. After making sure nothing was going to get to out of hand she makes her way to her room. She's going to hang around for awhile just to keep an eye on things. Still she paces her room, wondering what in the world she's going to do with situation. Her door opens and closes and she almost runs right into Artemis. "Oh gosh, sorry...I was thinking." He doesn't say a word as he removes his armor. She watches him for a moment as he turns to her and starts to help her out of her own armor. Seems he wasn't to interested in talking at the moment. She doesn't mind the distraction at all since her poor mind is all over the place. Still even after a few moments together she lays there with him, still thinking things over. Artemis takes notice quickly as he turns to her. "Worried?" She's not sure what to say. "No and yes. It's hard to put into words. You know Jarlaxle better then I do and what he's capable of. Last thing I really need is for him to go running off and causing problems." He scratches the side of his chin. Jarlaxle is the type to follow his own path. As long as it benefits him. "Honestly, you want Jarlaxle to listen to you. Pay him, well, you have the means to do so and he won't be an issue."

Her brow rises slightly. "So I pay him off, I guess that will work." She runs her hand through her hair, trying not to get stressed out about it all. "I've been thinking about what they've said about how magic is dying. I can't shake that idea out of my head. I can't imagine how horrifying that is.." Artemis lays on his side, keeping his eyes on her. "When I entered Calimport, I felt something was wrong. My weapons were weak and I could hardly breath. Perhaps it was because I'm part shade. But what they've said makes more sense as to what happened.." He shakes his head slightly. He got lucky, he was saved by the Night Mother to work for the Brotherhood. Whatever connection there was, is likely gone by now. "There's no doubt in my mind if things had continued to get worse I would be dead." She lets out a low sound. "I just hope it doesn't spread, that's my fear. I know that sounds horrible..." "But it's understandable, I doubt it's anything we have to worry about here since things are different." She lets out another sigh, this one of more relief. After a few minutes she slowly starts to close her eyes. She moves closer to him, leaning her head on his shoulder. He doesn't seem to mind having her close. It slowly takes her awhile, but she finally falls asleep. He stays awake however, he had just as much on his mind. It takes him a few hours before he finally falls asleep.