School has been cancelled for me due to the corona virus for the next two weeks. It could be way longer than that but right now we know that it'll be for the next two weeks. It's really stressful for be because I like the structure that school gives me, and now I don't have it. This whole quarantine thing is giving me a really weird summer depression feeling, even though it's not summer yet. I'm trying to do things, but there's only a select few things I actually enjoy doing, and I'm already bored of them.

I'm thinking about dying my hair again. It might be fun to go back to school with a new hair color. My hair has been pink for a while and I've been thinking about doing purple. My only conflict with that, though, is that my ex just recently dyed her hair purple and I don't want to seem like I'm copying her. I have been considering it long before she did it though.

Because of all this social distancing stuff and having to stay inside and fend for myself a lot, I've realized that I really can't take care of myself. When I have a girlfriend it's easier because she can help me with stuff, but now that I'm single I don't know who to go to for help! I don't want to ask my parents because I feel like that's a little ridiculous for someone my age. Sigh. I hope all of this is doing something and it'll be over soon.

But what do you think about my hair? Should I go with purple anyways or maybe try a different color? Or stay with pink?