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i've been so high, i've sunk so low. i've come so far, with nothing to show for it.

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Try me ******** goddamn try me. Aggravate me more, piss me off go on ******** try me.

Let me tell you how much of a wonderful goddamn mood I am in, because holy baby of heaven I am so so so extremely aggravated. I will shove all those excuses back up your a** where they came from you stupid, stupid girl. I am not in the mood to share my views on the world, or deal with your world where its literally you, you you youyouyoyouyuyuyuoyyuoyou

Don't ******** crawl to me if you want to make a difference. What your trying to do is admirable - the only thing is I don't want to be part of the movement so leave me OUT OF IT. Your such a ******** hypocrite you literally said. 5 minutes ago. You would do it without me. And three minutes later you change your mind because I say what I've been saying all this time. I cannot. commit.

Why? I'm passionate about this topic too, don't get me wrong. I am a person who will not back down without reason, so sit there and let me tell you.

I am not your speaker. I am not going to put words into your mouth like you are expecting me to. I am not a person who will be pushed around. You tell me to do something and expect me to do it without hearing my side as to why I won't do it, chances are I'll flip you off. Even worse, if you pretend to hear and understand what I say, I won't just flip you off, I will scream out into the abyss that is my soul eternally. The thing that pisses me off the most is you bauk the second I say I won't do it as though you world has come crashing down. I will let you lean on me, yes. I will give you a shoulder, and I will help you wherever I can. But nowhere in the description of being your acquaintance did it say I had to do whatever I could to make you happy. I will do what is within my limits, my time, my wants and you don't seem to understand I am a person too. And that's the punchline. That's it. Because we always always always. Return to the point of you being so reliant on me to the point you are no longer your own person. You being so reliant on me to form your identity, who I am as a person no longer matters.

God so help me, I cannot take you with me anymore. I always try to stay friends with you for some reason but every time you do something like this, seek attention and then become a dead weight on my shoulders...? I just can't. ******** you.

Try me in an argument. Right now. Try me. Don't circle around saying no one cares when obviously you did and you were so hyped. Try me and test me more because each time you say something I swear my bites will become more venomous. I have never related so much to play but I feel so much like Tom right now and you are Laura. Just constantly broken and becomes the end for Tom, and he was more faithful than he thought. He escaped taking out nails, that's going to be me.

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