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i've been so high, i've sunk so low. i've come so far, with nothing to show for it.

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i would sob if that happened to me. like uncontrollable sobbing of sadness and wow sad song. forever and always parachute like crap do i want to be sad rn???? no i just wanna be chill but parACHUUUUUTEEE omg why

yeah okay thats beside the point the point is drum fcking ROLL PLEASE.


yeah nonstop writing in honor of the end of the year and the awesome chillage my friends and i had today also keep reading for the highlight a bird pooped on my head and i washed my hair three times today gdi my luck

okay so today this morning monday morning june 17 2013 i had my english exam first one ever at sisler yeaaah it was super difficult but easy 3 hours two essays one poem on four texts and i was the first... one.. done.. fck like everyone was getting up to pee i didn't know i thought they all finished but nope my class just has tiny bladders and i was pretty much shtitng myself because i thought i missed something which i did didnt conclude second ESSAY COME AT ME ENGLISH FAIL but i was so worried and then veaney came out of the theatre and we chilled until the time limit hit and renz dianne amanda and neill came out and then we left for asia city HERE IS REALLY REALLY where the day kind of begins for us. and me. obviously. my journal. my entry.

okay we walked to asia city and we saw a bunch of amvc people otw there and i was like welp i dont like most of u guys so gg and then we sat down in a booth and couldnt find menus??? so we all stood up from the table and decided what to order and we all pitched 10 bucks in for bubble tea, two pad thais, chowmein and thai butterflies it was fckin delicious unf we were really loud but it was really fun i dont even remember what we were talking about it was just good vibes and hilarious and then we left asia with our bubble tea and amanda and renz kept walking towards sisler neill veaney and i went to northgate and it was funny cause we were like DOOONT GOOO WE LOVE YOUU STAAAAY and this random guy was watching us all amused and well it was amusing trust. at dollorama in northgate we were looking for something to pass time cause we wer supposed to watch a movie but we ended up joking around with each other and somehow ended up at the conclusion we should go to garden city to pass time..

so we did right and we walk after sitting and chatting until neill finished his bubble tea but yeah it was a really really funny walk we were just singing and shouting and screaming and laughing and talking and then i screamed. really. loud. because something fell on my head. i didnt know what it was. but i FELT it and i was jumping and screaming hysterically cause wtf something unknown just dropped on me?? veaney started laughing really hard and i got neill to check and they both started laughing and then they were like ITS BIRD POOOOOP and i was still screaming GET IT FCKIN OFF ME HELP ME HELP MEEE and it was terrible and neill realized he had some on him too and veaney laughed so hard she literally fell over omg i didn tknow that was possible but it is and she took a makeup tissue out of her bag and wiped my head a bit and neills hand and we pretty much ran to garden city to clean up and ugh i can't like it was so gross but veaney helped me <33.

and we bought mini doughnuts and cotton candy and let me tell you RIGHT NOW blue cotton candy is delicious and then we ended up at her house because we blew our money on the doughnuts and cotton candy. so we sat around talking and i played league for a bit and ugh it was a peaceful wonderful night i was super tired and i washed my hair there and i washed my hair again when i got home it was gross but now i feel FRESH. but yeah okay so i got to being super sleepy and my eyelids were and are really heavy right now and i couldnt help but think

that i really want a reply of this time last year because we skyped like everyday and i just want to be in a call with someone and enjoy the silence and fall asleep on call together and just be super close and then it made me think even more that i had an answer to my question
yes. yes. yes. lets leave that for the end yay woo or ill sandwich it in somewhere prob not

no thats it im too sleepy im going to falla sleep but it wont be on skype q-q

yes, i do want to be asked to dance when i go to the farewell.
yes i do want it to be you.
yes, i know what i feel i suppose but i don't know how to say it and the dance would answer that fine.

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