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I have finally cleaned out my journal of my old posts, this way I can enter in new ones!

Thank goodness, none of the friends I have now were friends with me six years ago. This means they did not see all of the crap I had posted. It is ridiculous to look back at things you posted up on the internet from when you were younger. I have to say I regretted nearly every journal entry I had on here. And I had well over 7 pages. That is why I left it locked away from the public's eyes (after returning from my hiatus) I was embarrassed from all of the posts. Since gaia had to make it a pain to clear them out, having to delete them one by one, it took a while for me to gather the motivation to do so. But hey! It's DONE!!!

Now I can start posting in my journal again and not be afraid of what my friends may read!! One good thing from going through ALL those darn entries was looking through and seeing comments from old friends. So I actually attempted to reach out and message old friends, seeing if they remembered me. Then again... from the stupid crap I had up, that may not have been the best idea. I know some of you are probably like "Awe, she couldn't have had THAT bad of stuff up" Ahaha... Think again~. I was a stupid kid. Posting a bunch of stuff I just... completely regret. Reading through a lot of it tonight was actually quite hard, but I am glad it is over with. Water under the bridge~ And hopefully none of the stuff I ever posted up on here will come back to bite me in the butt!

Do people even do journals anymore? Does anyone READ other's journals anymore?? haha. If not, at least this is a way for me to vent a little. And NO. It will not be silly little whining, or me bashing anyone EVERY POST.. (That was kinda how my last one was) This will be a more mature journal. I have been wanting to do this since I returned to gaia... but lacked the motivation to go through those old, depressing, upsetting, frustrating, irritating, ARG posts. ^-^'' But they are gone. Enough of talking about that~

If anyone actually took the time to read this.. Thanks!! ^.^ I am happy to finally be able to vent a bit with my journal again. I sure as heck missed it. Though, I will not be an every day poster, that is for sure. I do not have the patience nor the attention span for that. If you are my friend, you understand xD. haha. Anywho~ For those who actually read this, I appreciate your time my dear and thank you again~


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