Wooh it's been a while since I've posted something.
How is everyone doing? Anyways it's finally May, so sadly I can no longer celebrate my birthday crying but I can help others celebrate theirs so it's all good. Speaking of birthdays today's is Jinwoon's birthday from the group 2AM. I send him the best of wishes. Check out one 2AM's newest video "I Wonder If You Hurt like Me", I sure enjoyed it along with some of their other great songs on youtube.com or even jpopasia.com if you would like an translation.jpopasia
I absolutely emotion_bigheart their music, but if you are not a big slow and relazing type music person I won't suggest it....Anyways that's enough about them for one day. I'm just so happy because I have finally gotten an job, for me this is a big deal mostly because I've been looking for months...Another random accoucement
Mother's Day is right around the corner, I'm not a mother and don't plan to be one for quite a while, but I do have a mother. I'm thinking of going to a fancy resturant, baking her favorite dessert, and giving her a lovely card and hug. I know this doesn't sound like much but there is nothing I could do to equal to how thankful I am for my mother. If you have any interesting plans for how you're going to send your Mother's day, leave a comment.
Thanks so very much for reading. Have a great day, laterz. emotion_yatta

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