It's the night of Black Friday. It has been a long weekend. Had to dodge crazies while drving out of town for the hoilday, than make up reasons to not eat the horrible cooking my aunt's side brought over. And of course their Famous Apple Pie from H***, I didn't know you could ruin something so simple.... Well at least one of them can cook they brought the Ham, 2nd best ham I've had in my life! (Sorry man one can beat my grandma's ham) Thanksgiving was just an awkward day for the family this year,...just like every year. I went out for the first time for Black Friday this morning from 12am-6am, mind you I had been up since 7am the day before. Went with my mom and sister, both are a little wacky after not having a lot of sleep...(understatement) People were crazy out there Black Friday shopping, I thought this old lady was gonna burn me alive cat_burning_eyes or something when she gave me the "Stink Eye", for say hello. This was my reaction gonk ... I don't know if I'll do this next year. You are some brave people to go out there every year.