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A life changing move.

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"Sweat pea were here." I uncurled myself from the corner of the back seat and

stretched, "Mmmm what time is it?" I try to rub the sleep from my face. "Well its 6am,

look at all these swamps and willow trees!" Mom sounded so excited, She always

got this way before reaching the town. I crouched over to sit in the front seat and saw

what my mother pointed out. Willow trees plagued the areas we past,

swamps with cat tails and lily pads surrounded us. GLOOMY, that's what came to

mind, but its better then those sunshine girl suburb places we lived at, I get chills

whenever I think of those plastic barbie girls. How they'd always judged me on my

"just wear whatever I like style." Which today meant my Combat black boots, stripped

leggings and an over sized hoodie. Sure I may seem "goth," "emo," or "

scene". But I didn't always dressed like this, I mean I just wear what I feel like

wearing. And because of this many people call me "a poser." I am constantly

getting labels slapped on me, but I never say or do anything about it. But After moving

so much I learned that their is no point to do anything, after all were not going to stay

long. But because of this I never got close to anyone which then meant I get more

labels "Gloomy chick," "Loner," and "Stuck up." Rumors go around

that I am not able to talk because no one other then my mother has ever heard my

voice, I always been different. I shook my head, forget the past Lilith, forget it. We

past a sign that the lettering was barely visible "Welcome to Willow Creek

population:653." More like welcome to Gloomsville population: 655.


We arrived at the house finally and well I have to say it was sure going to need a

fix. You can barely tell that outside the paint, at some point, was white. The window

shingles were nearly falling off and the yard, well out of all the willow trees I've seen I

think we have the biggest willow tree beside our house. It was at least twice the size

as our house and the leaves were unruly and uneven. The yard was not any better

then the willow tree. "Mom you sure that house wasn't meant to be torn down?" "Trust

me sweet pea it may seem bad but inside isn't so bad from the pictures i seen. We

just have to fix it up." I have a feeling were going to be really busy. I just hope I don't

see them again and things can be different, and mom wont try to find Mr. Right.

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